A bucket of tar in a barrel of honey, or On the potential of culture shock for the winding up tractor

Habré has recently regularly published articles devoted to finding work outside of the Russian Federation, Ukraine, and the CIS and the subsequent relocation to another country. In my opinion, they adequately talk about the vicissitudes of finding a potential employer, entering into a contract, passing the necessary formalities and paperwork, planning and preparing for the move. But what they usually keep silent about or forget to mention, or bypass - is an adaptation to new realities, a cultural environment, life in a new unfamiliar society. “Cultural shock”, which is certainly spoken of, including in state integration programs available at the place of residence, is unbearable for many, and if such a thing is notified to a potential IT emigrant in advance, it will be easier for him to adapt. Or maybe

This article is devoted to the description of such “spoonfuls of tar”, which in the life of a new immigrant can accumulate on a whole bucket. I will give examples of Canada as an example, but the cultural features described are also characteristic of the United States and most Western European countries.

Legalization of marijuana and items for taking light drugs. The use of marijuana for "medical purposes" is becoming more common. Petty crime is becoming increasingly common.. In addition to shops for the legal sale of marijuana, special points are also opened where drug addicts have the opportunity to receive a “dose”. And if you are “lucky” at a new place to locate near (within 2-3 blocks) from such points - you cannot see a quiet life, and at any time of the day your and your family’s personal safety may be threatened. Once a gin, once released from a bottle, as practice shows, it is no longer so easy to shove it back and to achieve the closure or transfer of drug-taking points or marijuana shops to the community’s inhabitants, if it succeeds, then with great difficulty, many even have to move themselves, to- some distance away

Hygiene standards.You need to be prepared for the different hygiene standards adopted by immigrants who come from different countries. The Chinese sitting across from you at the office dining table can belch very loudly; during working hours in the toilet you can stumble upon a Muslim washing his feet in the sink before the prayer; in many latrines in restaurants and cafes there will be no soap supplies and / or hot water (and, in general, toilets in Canada is just a quiet horror; in large Russian cities, cafes with such “latrines” would simply go bankrupt in a few months due to lack of customers) .

Separate toilets for people with an “unspecified” sexual orientationand taxes on their construction. At the same time, the cleanliness of ordinary public toilets leaves much to be desired, businesses have to spend money not on putting them in order or maintaining proper cleanliness in them, but on redeveloping them, in order to allocate space for individual latrines for “trans- genders "in order not to infringe upon their" rights ". According to the new construction standards in each new building being erected in the public zone there should be three, not two, as before, restrooms: for men, for women and for “other”. Consider that the arrangement of such “other” toilets in existing or as yet unbuilt buildings will leave a part of your taxes.

Sex wage discriminationIf you get a job in a large corporation in the USA, it is very likely that, within the framework of the established salary grid, the remuneration you receive will be lowerthan the salary of a worker next to you and a representative of a non-traditional sexual orientation who performs the same work. This practice is due to the fact that these highly decent people are at risk of various diseases, including HIV, and for this reason, health insurance companies either deny them insurance or set higher insurance rates. The resulting difference in tariffs is compensated by large employers (Google, Facebook, Apple) to equalize the total wages. In other words, instead of paying various compensations to employees who have children, the budgets of organizations, on the contrary, are spent on paying “benefits” to childless homosexuals and lesbians - this is a modern cultural feature of many Western countries.

Excessive reverence for members of "sex minorities." “Patsaki chatlanam got on their heads,” and for a long time and thoroughly. In Canada, they even say that if you share traditional values, you should not come to Canada. Point.
I believe that this is true not only for Canada, but also for other Western countries. You can’t manage to actively fight against forcibly inculcated and promoted opinion and somehow influence, even in the conditions of a properly functioning democratic system, if you just show your point of view without negative consequences for yourself (see below). sex education and political correctness); this is not possible even to the “opposition” minded indigenous people, what can we say about the newly arrived immigrant.

Sex education.The so-called sex education has been introduced in schools in the West, within which, as is known, children are told not only about pistils and stamens. In the countries most advanced in terms of diverse sex, explanations about same-sex love were also introduced into the program of this training, moreover, children from the age of 7-8 years old tell about it, and in especially “advanced” countries or provinces - even from kindergarten -6 years.

Even more concerned about the sexual education of society, they went even further in terms of “fighting discrimination” and require all organizations, including preschool institutions and kindergartens, to choose the “other” sex when registering with their IP via the Internet. Therefore, when you enroll your 5-year-old child in kindergarten, be ready to see the “other” option in the “Sex” field in addition to the standard values ​​“male” and “female”.
Gender identity
Preferred the one

But this is not all that will await you culturally in terms of raising your own children. In Canada, it is planned to introduce changes in legislation, in accordance with which the child, starting at the age of 5, will be able to require his parents to perform a sex change operation on him or her. In accordance with some of the proposed provisions of this legislation, parents, in case of refusal of the child to pay for and conduct such an operation, may be deprived of parental rights.

Popular online store sells children's underwear, which purposefully deforms the genitals of "transgender children

Excerpt from reviews from the store site:
“Around 5, after the transition, she’s not getting her penis more, and complaining about it.”

It is not surprising, therefore, that many parents, by any means possible for them, try to protect their children from such cultural influence.in which they found themselves. Someone gives their children to study in religious, "Catholic" schools, knowing that, at least for today, the curriculum in such schools does not contain the "subject" described above. Many immigrants send their children back to their homeland. I personally know several Russian and Ukrainian couples who have made such a decision, and I also know about several Iranians who have acted in the same way. (And those Iranians are not religious obscurantists at all, but quite modern people who simply do not accept ultra-liberal values ​​actively promoted in Western society.) Stop your attention for a minute and think about this important moment: educated and modern people, atheists ,

California introduces compulsory education about “having at least 15 different sexes” in kindergartens from the age of 4
California Department of Education Proposes Radical New Gender Curriculum
"...encourages students to explore possible gender options, which, according to one source used in the curriculum, number at least 15."

Хороший ролик на эту тему

The issue of education, even preschool, for your children is an extremely important issue. Therefore, here I will note another point, which is usually not thought “on the shore”, before leaving: does your family have a single point of view on sex education and attitudes towards “sexual minorities”? If so, how durable is it?

There are cases when upon arrival at a new place of residence, after immersion in the local culture, communicating with natives, attending immigrant courses, one of the marital parties stated another: “Do you know, darling, I think that there is nothing terrible and it will be quite normal if our child grows up to be homosexual or lesbian. ” Typically, women are more susceptible to such changes in attitudes and worldviews - they are known to be more tolerant and tolerant by nature than men (by the way, for such a comment made at an office dinner, some feminist colleague can very well give take you to court or simply complain to the personnel department, followed by your dismissal and very, very difficult to find a new job, for the reason

Discrimination when hiring for content in profiles in social networks.If on any socio-cultural issue described above, your position will not coincide with the “generally accepted”, although it would be more correct to characterize that as “imposed by ultra-left propaganda,” and you will express it in your blog or profile on social networks. face tangible difficulties when looking for a job (even though you are an IT specialist). Large organizations like Sberbank, MegaFon or Gazprom, before hiring an employee, are sure to investigate his or her past; checks on non-conviction and lack of financial debts in the last 3-5 years have been added to checks in social networks. Specialized agencies wool profiles of potential employees on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and if there are notes, pictures or just links to other resources that express the position,you are already working - this organization will refuse to cooperate with you . Business has become very sensitive, no one needs a negative publicity, corporations are extremely wary of negative opinions about themselves in the mass media and avoid or get rid of employees, whose points of view even in personal life run counter to "generally accepted". The recent case of one of the Mozill executives is the most famous and simple example.

Political correctness.And in general, be prepared for the fact that if you are a person with fair skin, married to individuals of the opposite sex, with an annual income above the average (and you, as an IT specialist from a former USSR country, this is what you will be), every time you need to exaggeration to think ten times before expressing, even among acquaintances and friends, any point of view different from the main stream, whether it is a restriction of immigration, a restriction of the growing rights of "sex minorities", the onset of feminism, etc. Otherwise, in the worst case, you can lose your job, and with it a bright future in the newly acquired homeland (see above), and at best - be branded with various social justice warriors * as one or another "... fob", while some of them and in general can descend to publicly telling you that the government of a country where you moved, you should have been denied an entry visa, because you do not share any “generally accepted” social or cultural “values”. My reasoning may seem unfounded and overly blackens the society of Western democracy, but I will not go into details, but only recommend those interested and doubting to google or love the keywords “suppression of freedom of speech”, “Prof. Dr. Jordan Peterson, et al. but I will only recommend those who are interested and doubters to google or play the keywords “suppression of freedom of speech”, “Prof. Dr. Jordan Peterson, et al. but I will only recommend those who are interested and doubters to google or play the keywords “suppression of freedom of speech”, “Prof. Dr. Jordan Peterson, et al.

* Social justice warriors are generally an absolute nightmare, an ultra-liberal inquisition of the 21st century, hiding behind in each case a new invention called “hate-speech crime”. Do not say later that before leaving you did not warn you of their existence ...

Social grievance.Also be prepared for the fact that any of your harsh or insufficiently correct and streamlined statement on almost any occasion can be perceived by anyone as an attempt to offend, “hurt feelings”. Negro teenager, fat man, lesbian, mentally ill - any of them can find fault with any of your words spoken in a public place (and even among friends) or on the Internet. Such social groups have institutions that defend their “rights in the current state of Western society” —individual social justice warriors and whole organizations investigating the degree of their “oppression”. In particular, the need is imposed to use special pronouns when addressing persons of “other” gender in order “not to infringe upon those persons in their rights”. In all seriousness, books are being published, studies are being conducted, lectures are given. For example, at the University of New York, a professor gives a course of lectures on “the presence of 24 (!) Different sexes in homo sapience”. (It would be interesting to ask him a question - what, for each such “gender”, will mankind have to invent and learn 22 sets of new pronouns?)

The case in the cultural and social plan goes so far that in an academic environment, scientists question the very meaning of the study of such "offended" groups and individuals. “Academic Grievance Studies and the Corruption of Scholarship” is a very interesting article about this, perfectly revealing the degree of idiocy created in modern Western culture and social sciences, I highly recommend reading it before buying a plane ticket: even if you have a contract and a visa is issued Your decision to leave without exaggeration may well falter after reading it.

Of course, in life in the Western cultural environment there is a fair amount of positive points, many of which are described with other degrees of reliability in other articles on Habré. However, without showing a small part of the back side of the coin, the picture remains clearly incomplete.

I hope that the part of the Habr audience that “starts the tractor” or thinks about it, the information given in the article will be interesting and may even be useful.

PS Readers who believe that the article was written by the “Olginsky Troll”, the author asks to refrain from writing unnecessary and inappropriate comments.

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