For those who know with ears: podcasts for developers

    Who said that developers can learn new things only through books, videos and analysis of someone else's code? After all, we have other channels for obtaining information from the outside world. Of course, it is not about trying to taste, to feel them or to smell. But to listen - the most it. We have compiled a collection of active Russian-language podcasts for developers for you. A good way to rest your eyes or occupy yourself in traffic jams.


    This podcast is about all sorts of aspects of using JavaScript. Today, this language is used everywhere - in browsers, on servers, in mobile devices and in many household appliances. The presenters talk about similar applications of JS, as well as about specific developers and their tools. Each issue discusses interesting news and trends from the world of JS, sometimes you can listen to conversations with invited experts.

    Software development podcast

    A podcast with a very inventive title is dedicated to ... software development issues. Usually each issue is devoted to a conversation with invited guests, specialists from different companies. There are also often interviews with professionals who share their experiences, talk about interesting trends, workflows in their companies and the structure of various products and services.

    Frontend Youth

    And this podcast has a very witty domain, Here you can listen about everything related to front-end development.


    As the name and logo suggest, the podcast is about Scala. Facilitators discuss various libraries, approaches, books, news, and tools. And of course, they sometimes invite prominent programmers to participate on the air.

    Noise security bit

    If you are related to information security - from either side of the barricades - then you will be interested in the Noise Security Bit podcast . One of its "chips" are conversations with experts who tell a lot of interesting things about fresh events in the world of security, about new threats and methods of protection.

    The Art of Programming

    “The art of programming ” includes conversations and interviews with developers, analysis of practical advice, discussion of news and new products, stories about interesting conferences, trends in the IT world, the arrangement of various services, and the development of technologies.


    Another podcast with a “talking” title. Here you will hear a lot of interesting things about developing for Android, starting with the intricacies of interface design and ending with the monetization of their applications.


    "Otvetochka" from the universe of Cupertino, although not equivalent. The podcast is dedicated to discussing everything related to Apple products. It will be more interesting to users than developers.

    UPD In December 2018, the podcast changed its name and specialization: now it is called “Psychological Discharge”, and the presenters discuss not Apple products, but talk about life, sometimes touching on “technological” topics.


    Vosnovnom RWpod is devoted to the discussion of articles about the Ruby language and related news, but each issue also describes interesting materials about other languages, frameworks, various approaches and tools.


    It discusses web development issues, talks about Russian-language and English-language articles, tools and practical methods. I wonder why they chose a dead miner's canary as their symbol?

    Glory + Pasha

    A podcast with two presenters discussing various services, programming languages, tools and IT career issues.

    Frontend weekend

    The podcast is devoted to interviews with web developers who talk about their careers and give useful tips.

    Python Junior Podcast

    This podcast is conducted by members of the MoscowPython community. As the name suggests, the materials are intended for newcomers to Python development, with whom experienced professionals share knowledge, experience and lifehacks.

    Base unit

    Of course, such a HYIP theme as blockchain could not be left without its podcast. The hosts and guests of the Base Block discuss sore problems, how to use the blockchain, development tools and various practical techniques.

    Web standards

    Weekly podcast dedicated to the discussion of the latest news from the world of front-end development.


    A rather diverse podcast whose hosts and guests discuss programming languages, IT market news and various companies, share practical tips and approaches, discuss methodologies and tools.

    Five Minute PHP

    Do you write in PHP? Then you here ! Tiny issues of about 5 minutes each are devoted to news from the world of PHP, as well as the analysis of practical solutions.

    Five Minute React

    The same eggs, only about React .

    Solo on .NET

    The podcast is not about the .NET technology alone. It discusses a variety of programming languages, with theory and practical advice, as well as software development issues.

    DevOps deflope

    “The title of the podcast hints that there are very few DevOps in the world!” ( Tribute ) There haven't been any new releases since October, but we hope that the podcast is n’t dead, it’s just a vacation. Come here if you are concerned about the introduction of DevOps in the company, or if you do not know what kind of devilry it is and how it can be useful.

    Hangops ru

    Another Devops podcast , but guests do not meet in person, but talk to each other remotely.

    Drupal podcasts

    Everything you wanted to know about Drupal, but it was too lazy to look. The podcast also discusses various web development issues.

    Radio QA

    Development is not just coding. The Radio QA podcast is devoted to all testers , which discusses the latest news, interesting approaches to testing, talks about solving typical difficulties and problems, describes testing tools.

    Golang show

    The project’s page proudly states that this is a “Russian-language podcast about Go.” And this is true, although there are plenty of issues in English. Here you will find interviews with Russian and foreign Go-programmers, discussion of innovations and speeches from conferences, practical tips and stories about the use of Go in real projects.


    The set of topics discussed in the DevZen podcast is extremely wide. Programming languages, practical advice in the development, layout, design and creation of interfaces, discussions of various IT tools and books, news in software and robotics, trends and the future of IT, as well as answers to questions from students. In general, the scarcity of the authors' imagination is not to blame.

    Twisted pair

    Most issues of " Twisted pair " are devoted to discussing news from the world of software and its development, and occasionally - iron. Although the name can not be said.


    A lively podcast , which is conducted by four developers from three well-known companies. They discuss a variety of topics: different approaches to development, personal qualities of a developer, programming languages, various tools, testing, sharing impressions of conferences and much more.

    How do games

    I do not even know what can be explained here: this is a podcast about how games are made. Thanks for the help, cap. The project is popular science, that is, the authors are trying in simple language to tell gamedev colleagues how various game projects were created.

    Radio T

    One of the oldest Russian-language IT podcasts. Issues come out steadily once a week, on weekends. They discuss high technology, give practical programming tips, talk about conferences, rubbing rumors and news from the IT and hi-tech world, talk about interesting gadgets and give advice about careers.


    And here it will be interesting to engineers and other technicians engaged in telecommunications and the development of communication systems.


    A podcast about web development and interface creation, as well as news related to these topics.

    Tomorrow cloudy

    The podcast just talks about clouds and IT. What's under the hood in new information technologies and how their business uses them.

    Not just IT

    The life of any person is not limited to one job, after all we work in order to live. In this part of the post we have collected for you around-the-podcasts that may be of interest to many. And not just IT pros.


    The podcast will be interesting first of all to those of us who run our business or think about it. Among the guests of WebSarafan are the founders of companies and managers of various levels who share their experience in creating a business, successful and unsuccessful. After all, it is best to learn from the mistakes of others than to make them yourself and burn.

    Here and now

    The podcast is about personal development, about increasing its effectiveness. Unfortunately, there have been no new releases for more than a year, but from the existing records one can learn a lot of interesting and useful information.


    This podcast is dedicated to gadgets - first of all, smartphones, - games, movies, TV shows, as well as discussion of IT-news "wide profile".


    As written in the annotation, this is a podcast “about games, technology, media and the Internet.” Here they tell, surprisingly, mainly about the new gaming industry, films and news of the relevant industries, high technologies, gaming exhibitions, the kitchen of creating games and the like.

    Not brought

    A podcast about games, movies, comics and geek culture in the broad sense of the word.


    The podcast author talks about nonfiction for personal development, as well as invites guests and talks with them on a variety of topics: about economics, about the future development of humanity, about art, about social networks, about literature and much more.


    A podcast with a name similar to the name of a disease is actually intended to entertain a tired / bored IT person.


    CSSSR Remote Talk

    A curious podcast , each issue of which is devoted to an interview with some developer from the regions or the founder of one of the IT communities.

    CSSSR News 512

    A podcast from the same team, but dedicated to news from the IT world.

    UPD 2

    QA Guild

    And another QA podcast in our collection. Hosts discuss both professional tasks and tools, as well as human themes that are close to everyone. They talk about IT-news, invite interesting guests. Prepare carefully, so the podcast is obtained monthly.

    UPD 3

    Make me beautiful

    The podcast is devoted to topical issues in the development of the frontend: how to use various tools, practical tips and tricks, industry news, etc.

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