Evernote Update for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

    The App Store has a new version of Evernote for iPhone, iPad and iPod (3.4). This update includes a number of new features and takes advantage of iOS 4.2 firmware features expected soon. The new operating system adds support for multitasking on the iPad, which will be very useful when working with Evernote. You can switch between Evernote and other applications, returning exactly to the place of the application where you were before. But this version is not limited to the support of new features of iOS 4.2. Below you can read about the new features that will be available today.

    Select multiple images

    Active users of the iPhone are often filled with a large number of photos, some of which I periodically want to send to Evernote. Previously, this process could be somewhat tedious, but it is behind. Now you can select several photos at a time and then either add them to a single note (maximum 5 images) or automatically create individual notes from each photo. To do this, click on “Camera Roll” and then on the “Send to ...” icon located in the left soft corner of the screen. Now you can select the necessary photos.

    A little tip: If you press and hold your finger on the picture, the image will brighten and you can immediately select a group of pictures with your finger. This is faster than clicking on each image individually.

    When you are finished selecting your photos, select the desired button at the bottom of the screen to create either one or more notes. The ability to select multiple photos is also well suited for selecting pictures taken in the phone’s HDR mode.

    A little trick: If you press the “Camera Roll” item in Evernote with two fingers at once, then not the “Camera Roll” folder itself will open, but a list of folders (ie, a level higher). So you save one click and you can quickly navigate to the desired folder.

    Improved work with audio notes

    90-minute recordings The
    maximum length of the audio note has grown in this version to 90 minutes. This makes Evernote a good tool for recording everything in a row: from recording discussions at a meeting to journalistic interviews.

    Improved work with audio recordings
    Playing back audio notes is now easier than ever. You can not only play and pause right in the note (Quicktime is no longer required), but also control the playback of audio in Evernote through the buttons in the dock, as well as from connected headphones and speakerphones.

    Simplified sending files from other applications

    iOS 4.2 allows applications to register themselves as file handlers of one type or another. Evernote is registered as a processor for formats such as PDF, TXT, WAV, MP3, HTML and several others. This means that you can transfer files to Evernote from any application that supports this feature.

    ... for example, from Safari and Mail.
    Some file types (PDF, TXT, HTML) now got the "Open to ..." button in the upper right corner when viewing them. When you click on it, you will see Evernote as one of the recipients of the file. Opening a file in Evernote will create a new note in which this file will be placed as an attachment. To send an audio file to Evernote, press and hold your finger on the file.

    ... from applications of other developers.
    Creators of programs can implement similar functionality in their applications. Many of them already know how to send files to Evernote, and soon other applications that use the "Open to ..." function will appear. So you can add notes to Evernote from anywhere.

    Printing from Evernote (iOS 4.2)

    To create a paper copy of a note, you no longer need a computer - thanks to the wireless printing feature (AirPrint) announced in iOS 4.2. Evernote already supports this feature: when you open a note that you like, just click on the "Send to ..." button in it and select "Print." In order for this feature to work, you will need a Wi-Fi connection and the presence of a printer on the network that supports the Apple Bonjour protocol.

    And further…

    In each version of Evernote, we try to correct a number of seemingly invisible errors and shortcomings in order to make the service more convenient to use. And this version is no exception. And there is still a lot of interesting things ahead of you, so wait for the news.

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