A couple of words about usability and keyboard layout

    I think I’m not the only one ever cursing that I started to print in the wrong language in which I wanted to ...
    You will immediately say - well, there is PuntoSwithcher! Yes, there is ... But I refused to use it because I find it uncomfortable.
    For example, there are such softinks - Aml Maple and Flean that substitute the layout icon nearby ... But after a week of testing it seemed to me annoying and did not completely solve the problem, because It was then that he was needed; he did not appear.
    I set out to find a softink that simply changes the color of the mouse cursor depending on the layout.
    After all, it is so simple and obvious! The mouse is always in front of the eyes.
    Having climbed both the runet and the bourgeois, I did not find such a program to its great frustration.
    Further it would be logical to continue the post by the fact that I decided to write this program myself ... But I do not know how to code.
    Therefore, I posted the question on Google issues and, to my great surprise, there was a man named NMD who wrote it in one day.
    And here is the program .
    1. The moped is not mine - but it seems there are no viruses.
    2. Test under Win7.
    3. The cursor can be corrected according to your needs.
    4. In order for autorun to work, you need to start it as administrator.

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