- a year later

    Hello dear friends. Today you will be re-told about the startup. Repeatedly and a year later. Another "promising" startup, stalled at the very beginning of the path, you will think. But I ask you not to rush to conclusions and read our story to the end and, perhaps, become part of this story. Perhaps you remember


    as in the summer of 2009, several projects appeared on the topic of stickers attached to specific points on web pages. The first such project was just our Goozzy project with gozenichki, unloading and the button "Gozznut". Having gained a couple of thousand users in the first week, we learned that the project is slowing down, that our language is not understandable to anyone, that “this, this, this and that” is not thought out. In general, we failed to conquer the world in a couple of months. However, our competitors are also silent.

    Then there was a lot of work on other projects, Goozzy switched from global to local mode. He helped us work and send useful messages to each other like: “There is a mistake, please correct it!” or “An article about us came out - laziness began to be written in the mail - hung a sticker."

    And, most likely, our story would come to an end if in the spring we did not find an investor.

    It was like a breath of fresh air. Having realized our mistakes, we again began to work on the project, connecting it with Twitter, Facebook and email, formulating the idea of ​​the project as “share everywhere”, finalizing usability and even thinking through a new design. On July 23, Goozzy was again open for free registration. And then either a miracle happened, or successful pr-activities were fired: articles about the project appeared in such publications as , (there the article was called Russian IT company will enslave the Internet ), , which glorified incomprehensibly where did the politically active users come from, Itogi magazine, and, which caused us great amazement, is the Metro newspaper .

    Since then, we have almost 10 thousand users. We managed to translate Goozzy into several languages ​​(En, De, Fr, Ua), advance a little in Europe, hold a competition for the most active download and still create a redesign, as a result of which the guzzenichki turned into geese, and the unusual design became convenient.

    It was:


    It became:


    Of the other innovations it is worth noting:
    • Toolbar moved to browser
    • iPhone version (still in alpha);
    • Demo video and game tutorial like in computer games;
    • Possibility of manual and automatic cross-publication on Twitter and Facebook;
    • The ability to invite user-friends from Facebook or Gmail;
    • Corrected thousands of errors and compatibility issues with various sites.

    On November 2, 2010, we closed free registration until the new year, but left the opportunity to register by invite . This is due to the fact that in the States several top-level professionals in the field of optimization agreed to help make Goozzy even better.

    We again invite you to evaluate Goozzy - we really need your objective criticism and advice.
    If you think you can help the project - write to the inbox, I will send an invite.

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