Hyundai IT introduced a 70-inch convertible table with touch screen

    In May 2007, Microsoft introduced the world to an unusual “coffee table”. With pieces of furniture, only a form related him. The novelty, called Microsoft Surface , was an interactive multitouch table.
    It would be an unforgivable exaggeration to say that the Microsoft Surface is simply an expensive 30-inch multi-touch table, the capabilities of which are no different from those of the multi-touch netbooks, laptops and panels currently on sale.

    Microsoft Surface showed people new principles and ways to interact with digital reality. Now it’s even hard to imagine that on this basis developers will create what tomorrow’s computers will look like. One can only imagine what applications Microsoft Surface will find and how the technologies used in the device will develop. But, despite the fact that the novelty was liked by both users and critics, for a number of different reasons (the main of which, of course, was the high price), Surface turned out to be a piece product.

    This year, Sony Corporation of Japan introduced an alternative to Microsoft Surface called atracTable. This product was created on the basis of the original development of Atracsys, first demonstrated in October 2008. Sony acquired the appropriate technology and introduced the 35-inch atracTable interactive desktop, which surpasses Microsoft in many ways.

    Now, interactive tables have yet another competitor developed by Hyundai IT, which may well gain a foothold in the niche of Microsoft Surface analogues. The company presented at the Korean information technology exhibition Kinex a prototype of an interactive table with a touch screen diagonal of 70 inches, at first glance similar to a giant iPad.

    Unfortunately, Hyundai has not yet revealed any technical details. According to available information, the base of the table is a transformable design that allows you to translate the screen into a vertical plane if necessary. In this position, he is able to cope with the function of a flat-panel TV. Panel Resolution - FullHD, like atracTable, it supports mutltitouch technology and can sync with iPad. The application of the interactive panel is considered not only in the fields of education and business, but also in the field of entertainment industry.

    Perhaps some of the users of Surface will want to change it to a similar table, but with a double screen, but so far the prospects of the new product are rather foggy. Let's hope that the company will adequately evaluate the prototype and it will have a bright future.

    via gizmowatch

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