Microsoft removed 281,491 Zeus trojans in five days

    Microsoft said in a corporate blog that since updating the Malicious Software Removal Tool (MSRT), it has removed 281,491 copies of the Zeus Trojan from 274,873 infected Windows systems. Thus, the largest botnet on the Internet has lost some of its zombies.

    Zeus / Zbot signature support was added to the free MSRT program last Tuesday, October 12th. The statistics are as of Sunday, that is, it took five days to clean up a quarter of a million computers.

    In this statistic, several things are striking. Firstly, the extent of the infection. The experts' assumptions that the number of Zeus botnets had already grown to several million computers were indeed fair. Surely only a small part of the bots is neutralized. As of Sunday, the latest version of MSRT tested approximately 86 million computers, while the total number of Windows-connected computers on the Internet is more than 1 billion .

    Secondly, why only now has Microsoft updated the program? After all, Zeus has long come out on top in the list of the most malicious network software, and was first noticed back in 2007. It has always been said that this trojan is difficult to detect - but Microsoft itself has proven that it is real.

    Microsoft Malware Protection Center Director added that since Tuesday Zeus has made up about 20.4% of all malware found by MSRT.

    The Malicious Software Removal Tool for finding and removing malware comes with the standard Windows Update or can be downloaded separately .

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