Arduino Project Updates

    Back on Friday, I visited the Arduino website in the hope of seeing something interesting. The interesting thing was in the picture where instead of the first Arduino board the creator's hand held something hidden. This something did not take long to wait. This morning I received a message from the habrayuzer Prometheus that it would be nice to write a post on this blog related to updates to our beloved Arduino project. What I am happy to write about.

    New website design

    As you can see, the project has changed the logo, site layout. Everything has become more airy and stylish. Previously, the site font was Verdana almost 10 pixels in size, and even people with good vision had to zoom in. Now it’s just a pleasure to watch. The design blog has also undergone a blog and forum for the Arduino project.

    arduino new site

    The new flagship USB board Arduino Uno


    As Italians write in the project’s blog , this board continues the line of classic USB-boards and is a replacement for the Duemilanove board - non-Italians can easily pronounce and write the name of the new board. The name Uno (“one”) was chosen to indicate the current release as 1.0, which, as it were, tells us about the maturity of the project.

    Of course, you understand that not only the name of the new board and the site design have changed. The board layout has also undergone changes, now a new logo and explanatory inscriptions are applied to the board in order to distinguish the original board and dozens of clones. In the new board, the creators of the project decided to completely get rid of the outdated ATmega168 chip and completely switch to ATmega328p.

    But this is not the most important thing. Most importantly, the new Atmel ATmega8U2 USB controller. As the authors of the project write in a press release, this controller replaces the outdated primitive FTDI chip, has low latencies and most importantly, makes it possible to reprogram the USB interface so that the Arduino Uno board is detected by the computer as a MIDI device, keyboard, mouse (HID -interface) and so on - what is enough for fantasy. If you think a little, then this feature makes it possible to connect the board not only to the computer, but also to a bunch of other gadgets. A big improvement was also that under Linux and Mac OS no drivers are needed, and for Win a tiny * .inf file is needed.

    Finally, this board has passed CE certification and FCC certification is expected.

    New Arduino Mega 2560 Mega Board


    The same updated design, the same new USB interface with drivers. The new ATmega2560 chip doubles up to 256 KB of flash memory, 8 KB of RAM and 4 KB of read-only memory. Frankly speaking, I don’t even have a clue what to put in 256 Kb of this device.

    New circuit board packaging

    Everything is clear and without comment - practical and cute:

    Arduino store

    A few words are said about the official online store Arduino. It seems to me that it was high time to put it on a commercial footing, since dozens of stores with boards, modules and other parts for Arduino projects have been working all over the world for a long time. In Russia, only I know three such online stores. The official Arduino Store will open on October 18, 2010.

    There is nothing more to add, we will follow the project.
    Arduino rocks!

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