Samsung Galaxy TAB, Toshiba Folio 100 and player on Android 2.2

    IFA, day zero! The list of events for the press on the zero day of the exhibition took four pages. I really wanted to break in order to be in time everywhere, but I had to choose. Samsung, Sharp, Philips and Toshiba were on the short list, the remaining 19 events had to be sacrificed. Sorry!

    What is zero day at all? This is the day when brands drive journalists into specially designated places and speak loudly with pathos about their visions, concepts and development vectors. Usually they speak little about specific products - presentations are dotted with graphs and numbers, and they are needed in order for journalists to recognize global accents and draw far-reaching conclusions. But since I'm the fifth time at the IFA, I took off my pink glasses in advance and was filled with cynicism.

    The morning began with a presentation by Samsung, where the main product was, of course, the first Korean Tab Galaxy tablet. For the first two days I did not see a full house - there were a lot of journalists. The company's speakers have been trying for a long time to play Steve Jobs, each in a different way, but something was missing from them - apparently, a black turtleneck (unless, of course, this is no longer copyright). Be that as it may, the “pill” turned out to be very pleasant in appearance and decently stuffed with technology. Only the news from Russia was upset - it will cost 30 thousand rubles in retail, more expensive than the iPad in the USA. Well, I don’t know ...


    After Samsung, the Japanese from Sharp performed, but they somehow poorly prepared for the exhibition. Neither in the presentation, nor at the stand did I find anything interesting, apart from the football symbolism, an even layer smeared on all products. Sharp has now become a global partner for UEFA, and this is a major event because blah blah blah (long yawn).


    Philips expectedly pleased with the highest organization of the event and pretty girls at the stands, among the products there was also something to see. True, Alexey Vedernikov most of all liked not the 3D-TVs, but the miniature Connect player - the one that is on Android. We started talking - nothing like that, it’s a pity that the screen is resistive ...


    The day, as it began with the “tablet,” and so it ended - Toshiba distinguished itself, which rethought Apple's ideas, and in its own way linked gadgets with Internet services. As it turned out at the presentation, the only link that was lacking in the harmonious concept of the company was a tablet computer and - voila, here it is - the most powerful tablet on the market! Folio 100 based on Nvidia Tegra 2 and, of course, running on Android 2.2 with native flash support. However, from a distance it seemed more interesting than near, and I look forward and shudder to the announcement of the price - if a 7-inch tablet from Samsung costs a hundred bucks, then what can we expect from a Japanese 10-inch tablet?

    I already uploaded the video from the minus of the first day of the exhibition to a geek magazine. You can watch it here .

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