Whyday 2010 - Remembrance Day Why the Lucky Stiff

Original author: Glenn Vanderburg
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August 19, 2009 Why the Lucky Stiff wiped out of the online community. We at Ruby Community wish him all the best, but we really miss him.

Why gave us a lot of great software and other things , but the main thing that he brought to the Ruby community is the spirit of freedom, eccentricity and creativity. When Why went on stage at the first RailsConf in 2006, he picked up his guitar, walked over to the microphone and shouted “Throw away your best practices!”

Discipline, care and responsibility are important; we have clients, employees, team members and families to take our work seriously. At the same time, however, we need to play. If we do not suddenly lose our “best practices” templates, we can easily miss out on many great ideas, some of which can bring rich benefits (for example, Camping and Hpricot led to the rise of Sinatra and Nokogiri).
This year, August 19th, celebrate Whyday. Set aside all things on this day, and in order to remember the contribution of Why to our community and culture, do hacking for your pleasure.
  • See how far you can go in using some unusual Ruby traits (or some other language).
  • Choose hard limits for yourself (for example, 4 kilobytes of source code) and see what you can do with them.
  • Try to realize a crazy idea that you don’t take up because it’s too crazy.
  • You can do something that support some of the projects that Why has left for us (despite the fact that Why was more inclined to create new beautiful things than to polish old ones).
  • On the other hand, Why was keen on teaching children how to program. Therefore, improvements to Hackety Hack are welcome.
  • Or take immediate action in this direction and teach your child to program in Ruby.

On August 19, 2010, throw away your best practices and celebrate Why's contribution to our unique culture. Create something wonderful.

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