Championship on wrestling on Soviet slot machines - we invite!


    Hello! Remember I talked about gadget shows on this blog? The idea has not died out, we have a community on Facebook, and on Friday (finally!) We’ll upload the site. But it's about that.

    Our IT-zakut is turning a month old , and we decided to invite all the colleagues we can reach. Does anyone want to escape from smog and have some fun?

    So, on August 18 (this is Wednesday) from 20 to 22 hours, at the Museum of Soviet gaming machines (Moscow). Gathering at 19:45 at the door of the Museum.

    What exactly will be:

    • The present championship, tournament bracket, prizes;
    • fan;
    • adequate interesting people;
    • music;
    • beer (not only fresh, but also free);
    • soda from the old Soviet machine gun (30 p., Cold and incredibly tasty);
    unlimited ammo infinite Soviet 15-kopek coins.

    The cost of participation in the championship: 250 p. for the first twenty come, 350 p. - for all subsequent ones (the secret here is that the museum wants twice as much from us, but we will pay the difference for the participants ourselves. We do not make money for the championships).

    Admission is free for children under 10 years old.

    We will be grateful to those who support us with the equipment for the invited DJ:

    • Player - 2 pcs. Pioneer, model 100, 200, 400, 800, 1000;
    • Remote controller. Pioneer or any other.

    Come, take, by the way, children with you, it will be great!

    UPDATE:you can record directly in kamenty =) It is advisable to somehow signal, if you are going to come - so that we understand how many guests are getting ready.

    You can still sign up at this link :
    either knock on me in PM.

    The museum can be viewed here .

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