- 1 year with you

    imageA whole year behind. I can’t even believe that time passed so quickly. We decided to summarize our work, remember what happened, what we wanted to do, and what the project has become now. After all, 1 year is not so little. Plus we have prepared gifts for you !
    We will tell about gifts a little lower.

    Let's go back and remember how it all began

    Each year, the amount of information on the network doubles - you can’t argue with statistics. You sit at work like this, and you don’t even have an extra minute to browse articles on your favorite blog. You need to save the link somewhere, add a bookmark to the browser. And then you come home and remember that the bookmarks remained at work.
    And then we thought, but to make the process of saving information as simple and understandable as possible. Where do people usually leave notes? Of course on the stickers. True, before you had to go to the store, spend your time and money, and then look for a pen and a place where to stick this sheet, and still not lose it ... No, it's hard.
    So the idea was born to create a portal for friends, where you can quickly make a note on a web page, and then read it anywhere where there is Internet.
    The Yousticker project has begun its journey. The main goals that we implemented in our startup are cross-browser compatibility, quick registration, easy interface and flexible functionality. So that you do not need to be distracted by such trifles as the preservation of information, but concentrate on the process of finding it.
    Very soon, the project received additional investments, and rapid development began. A small start-up turned into :
    We gradually added more and more features, and the project went beyond the usual resource for web notes. has become an independent social network where people regularly come to just chat.

    What else can Stickr do?

    • You can add not only a comment to the sticker, but also a picture, quote, flash, audio and video content.
    • Stickers have become public and private. You can add bookmarks only for yourself, no one will see them.
    • Several types of groups have appeared - public, private and personal. Now you and your friends can join a group and paste stickers on your web page.
    • We also made friends with Twitter, Friendfeed, Evernote, Facebook, and Livejournal. Your stickers automatically fall on the walls of these services.
    • We came up with plugins for browsers, with which you can even add a screenshot to the sticker! Now with Stickr you can test your website, take a screenshot of the problem and send the link to the developer.
    • You can subscribe to stickers, read them in your stream, write messages to other users and much more.

    You can see all this on our website. Registration takes only a couple of seconds. And to stick your first sticker, you need exactly 3 seconds.

    And finally, the most pleasant :)

    The project has a new video!

    And we also collected interesting statistics for you :)
    PS We think that everyone guessed who is hiding under the “most active user”. Many thanks to this man!
    Thanks also to the entire Habr community for actively participating in the life of our project! Thanks to your support, continues its successful journey.

    Well and most importantly:

    We invite all users to take part in our promotion. Attention! Give away prizes!
    All that is required of you is to bring more friends to our site. Prizes from await the most active - T-shirts, mugs and fridge magnets with our logo. Details on our website .

    Read other news in our blog .
    You can download and install Stickr bookmarklet and plugin here .

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