Toshiba Dual-Display Notebook Appears in Japan


    Back in July, information appeared about the imminent hit of the world's first laptop with two displays on the market (remember, this is not the first such laptop, someone released a conceptual model before them, but Toshiba was the first to put this laptop into the “people”). So, despite the not very convenient design and functionality, Toshiba still launched sales of the Libretto W100 in Japan. Or rather, almost launched - sales will start on August 11.

    Recall that this device is not positioned by the manufacturer as a netbook, but as a full-fledged laptop, albeit without the usual keyboard. The operating system uses Windows 7 Home Premium, RAM - DDR3, 2 gigabytes. In addition, the internal memory of the device is represented by an SSD drive with a capacity of 62 gigabytes.

    Both displays are touch-sensitive, diagonal - 7 inches. Native resolution - 1024 * 768. The processor is installed low-power, Intel Pentium U5400 1.2 GHz. Bluetooth and WiFi wireless modules are also installed, there is only one USB port. The video adapter is also not very powerful, Intel GMA HD.

    There are two battery options - the usual one with which this laptop (nevertheless, rather, it is a netbook, and it is not clear why Windows 7 is installed here) lasts about 2 hours, and an extended one with which it is possible to work up to 4 hours.

    In general, all this happiness should appear in the USA before the end of summer, where it is already more realistic for our citizens to buy it. The cost of the device is about a thousand US dollars, which, in principle, is not so much for the world's first laptop with two displays and without a keyboard. Those who have tried this miracle complain about a lot of inconveniences and shortcomings, but probably the device will still find its buyer.

    It is still unknown whether the Libretto W100 will go to the CIS countries, and if it does, then how much it will be appreciated by local distributors. It seems that with us it will cost not one thousand, but two, if not three thousand US dollars - after all, there will always be someone who wants to stand out, even if not a very convenient device. What to do, it always has been, and probably always will be.

    It is interesting, by the way, when this device appears in our country, or in the USA, where there are a decent number of members of the habrasociety - is anyone going to buy the Libretto W100? And if so, why is it just interesting, or have you long dreamed of buying such a thing?

    In the meantime, we wish Toshiba good luck with its first sales of the world's first laptop with two displays.

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