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    There have been many articles and success stories about how single or small teams create something incredibly breakthrough and cool. But there are very few articles on how large companies create their startups. And they really do.

    I would like to talk about the full-cycle online store selling digital indoor advertising , which is the startup of the largest Russian advertising seller Video International, in which I actually work on this project.

    A bit of educational program

    Advertising screens (digital indoor) - these are the TVs that hang in supermarkets, shopping centers, airports and show ads. I think you have all seen and heard them at Crossroads, Pyaterochka, Mega or Airport.


    Video International is the leader in Russia in this form of advertising, selling advertising opportunities for more than 10,000 screens in 90 cities. But to order advertising on them for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs was not so simple. To date.

    About team

    Despite the fact that VI is a very large company, not many people are working on this project:

    - technical director
    - project coordinator
    - business analyst
    - accountant
    - lawyer
    - financial director
    - and, of course, the general director

    This “management” team sets goals , thinks out a service development strategy and deals with other organizational things. There is also a team of performers:

    - programmer
    - flasher
    - layout designer
    - tester
    - sys.adminstrator
    - manager

    This is a team from the company Ailav, which is engaged in the implementation of ideas accordingly.

    If it seems to someone that this is a lot, he probably never worked in a big company :-)
    In general, it turns out to be a fairly mobile group that quickly and effectively solves all problems.

    About service

    So, what is a service? Actually this is an online store selling one single product: advertising on digital indoor screens.

    When creating the service, we were guided by only one goal: to make the advertiser as comfortable as possible, without leaving his workplace, to advertise his product or service.


    The user can configure this product for himself. To do this, we came up with a system of 5 convenient steps for creating our own advertising campaign: the


    Customer can choose the date for placing the campaign, upload or even create his own video (I will tell below), target the placement of advertising (up to a particular store) and independently choose the cost of the campaign according to your capabilities.

    Moreover, the targeting is very accurate for offline: you can choose a city (I talked about 90 cities above), a district, a street and a store. We even made a map based on Google Maps for this.

    After creating a campaign, it can be paid from a card or through a bank, and, after verification by our managers (compliance with the requirements of the Law, correctness, etc.), the campaign will be launched on time and you can monitor the status, or better yet, walk to the store where you placed advertising, and see firsthand.

    The main advantages will be understood by any person who has ever tried to advertise - everything is as simple as possible and no pieces of paper! In general, the service is designed for small entrepreneurs and individuals (yes, you can place a congratulation for your beloved near the house :-).

    The scale, of course, is impressive - you can place your ad in 90 cities at once on almost 10,000 screens!

    And now the highlight

    I have already mentioned that a user can create an ad himself. Duck, we have a special Video Switcher tool in which you can select one of the templates and create your own full-fledged video based on it.


    The editor’s functionality is not as great as we would like; you can change texts and images, as well as their location. However, you can create a truly unique video.


    Everything is quite simple there and a person without special special knowledge can easily create a video advertising his product or service, and for free.

    The entire switcher is made on Adobe Flash, no matter how much we would like, but there are no competitors to this platform in the mass segment today.

    By the way, I never found analogues on the world Internet, if someone can tell, I will be very grateful.

    In conclusion

    In general, we now already have a finished product and, most importantly, monetization of this product is absolutely transparent. Of course, we still have some shortcomings, shortcomings, but this is only the beginning!

    Perhaps all this is not as original as breakthrough startups made on the knee in garages, but I wanted to show that in a large non-IT company, if desired, a small group of people is enough to do something interesting on the Internet.

    I think we are doing it.

    UPD. By the way, we have a guest mode , for those who are interested to see.

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