British robot with rat brains

    The British once again surprised the world by building a robot that is controlled by tens of thousands of rat brain neurons.

    The goal of scientists is to better understand how the living brain learns. The total number of neurons included in the robot is between 50 and 100 thousand. Neurons derived from rat embryos. The cells were decoupled using an enzyme solution and planted on a square pattern containing 60 electrodes. The electrodes are used for two-way communication of a neural formation and an electronic circuit, which, in turn, commands the body of a small robot via the Bluetooth interface.

    The system receives signals from a living environment - for example, bumping into a wall, the robot receives feedback, and changes occur in the brain, which can be called experience. Already during the first days after transplantation, neurons began to send signals to each other. However, in this state, the system without external assistance will die in less than a month. Therefore, scientists use chemicals to enhance or inhibit the nervous processes in the "brain".

    The video also describes some other robots:

    Habralyudi, what do you think about the ethics of experiments connecting a living brain to a robot? I specifically ask 10-20 years before connecting the human brain instead of the rat.

    The photo and information about the experiment was taken from the membrane: Source

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