New social service “Idea for World”


    We are developing a new social web service “ Idea for World ”. The main objective of the resource is to attract and unite certain groups of people. The first group is people who have their own ideas, projects, startups, inventions in various fields. The second group is investors, the so-called business angels, who understand that investing in new and innovative projects, startups or even ideas is an extremely profitable business, albeit a risky one. Selling a stake in a profitably invested project, startup, invention, etc. after capitalization, it can generate income at least several times higher than its investment. At the same time, participating in project management or involving co-investors, it is possible to significantly reduce the risks that are inherent in new innovative projects.

    Our service aims to ensure that ideological people can join groups to work on projects of interest and importance to them, share their ideas, create, implement projects, find a team of assistants to work on their inventions, and also get the opportunity to invest to make money on it.

    In early September, we launch the alpha version of the resource. It will be closed and available only to users who have time to leave their mail at pre-registration . In the initial functionality will be available: creation, editing and placement of ideas; Personal Area; offers and some other interesting bonuses. Now I will not disclose everything that will be implemented, I will only say that the functionality of the web resource will be constantly pleasantly expanded.

    Well, a few screenshots of a future resource to attract attention.

    Page “For ideas”:


    Creating an offer:

    By the way, the first users will receive quite large bonuses on the site.

    Link: .

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