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    Honestly surprised that for so much time no one has yet covered the changes that have occurred in this social network. I thought that at least the official representatives would write something.

    About half past eight in Kiev Vkontakte suddenly changed the status interface. It has become more webdwitched and more like facebook's.
    In fact, in addition to the interface for entering a new status, the following innovations appeared:
    • now all user statuses are displayed on his wall
    • statuses can be commented
    • there was a link “to previous entries ↓” under the status, which allows you to read all the statuses previously set by the user

    As an addition to all this immediately after administration
    • Vkontakt became terribly slow
    • users dissatisfied with these changes (mainly because statuses are duplicated on the wall) began to promote the hashtag #durovidiot on Twitter and write angry messages to him on the wall
    • in the news, all statuses were displayed as a question mark
    • link to the VKontakte blog ( redirects to the user profile (

    After 15-20 minutes of panic, everything returned as it was before. Everyone sighed freely, but not for long. After some more time, the updates still rolled out, but apparently something was fixed, as it stopped braking, but the blog still does not work, and Durov hid the wall. Still, a lot of dissatisfied remained.

    If this topic is read through the official representation of this social network, I beg you to remove the status posting on the wall. This is the most annoying innovation.

    UPD who are still interested:
    • statuses are now not shown on the wall, if you click the link “show comments on statuses”, then
    • the number of posts on the wall can be found simply by folding the block with the wall.
    • in the privacy settings you can indicate who has the right to comment on the status

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