Computer Science Student Project

    Perhaps you are familiar with my project Computer Science Student - all of its issues were published on the hub I received a lot of positive feedback, and as a whole I am grateful to Habrahabr for some popularity of the project and the audience.

    I thought a lot about the development of the project. Unfortunately, I do not devote enough time to it, and there are much fewer issues than I would like. I want to move the project off the ground. Now this is an average of one update per month, however, a lot of pleasant feedback (thanks!) And a lot of views. But I still understand that I alone can’t make a large, high-quality website about the science of computer science. And this is my goal.

    I have an idea.

    I want to make a collective blog from css (on the live street engine), which has already become the reference structure of Habrahabr. Make a blog specifically about computer science, programming, mathematics, statistics, combinatorics and other areas close to computer science. It will not be a clone of Habr, IT news or articles about software will not be published there. A blog will be primarily a learning resource.

    To start such a thing makes sense (IMHO) only if there is at least some “backbone”, at least a few people who agree to start working on the project and create educational materials of any nature: articles, videos, screencasts, translations, book reviews, etc.

    Therefore, I am turning to you.

    If you have a desire to become an author and help in the initial development, then leave comments or write to dog freetonik. If there are a few people with such a desire, then the project will be! We have an initial audience, which will only be glad to increase the number of materials. We have always supporting the project Habrahabr, with its habraeffect and many good people. There is a lot of material that I created, which will be transferred to the relevant blogs of the future site. And most importantly - there is some niche. There are almost no interesting collective blogs on computer science in Russian; in general, there is not much material about computer science in Runet! But students and those interested are many. Only you are missing :)

    And yes, I want to leave the project non-profit, but if there are interesting options for monetization, then we will definitely consider them. In case of profit, it will be distributed among the authors. Sponsorship is also welcome.

    A little Napoleon.

    What can happen? At least - a useful site with copyrighted materials, and this is always appreciated. In distant dreams / plans, I want to see teachers and university professors leading personal or subject blogs here; some kind of integration with educational institutions (following the example of corporate blogs, for example) ...

    Thank you for your attention.

    UPD: I forgot to say: if you are a university student and study in computer science, IT, mathematics, programming, etc., it will be great to publish what you go through, as I did: lectures, presentations, tasks and solutions, and so on.

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