Apple revenues come close to Microsoft revenues

    Yesterday, Apple released a profit statement for the second quarter of this year (corresponding to the third quarter of fiscal year in Apple), Microsoft will do the same tomorrow. Many will be surprised if it turns out that Apple earnings caught up with Microsoft. If this does not happen this week, Apple will definitely achieve its goal in the next quarter.

    Analysts at Thomson Reuters predicted Apple had a net profit of $ 2.85 billion with revenue of $ 14.62 billion. However, the report on Tuesday showed other figures: profit amounted to $ 3.25 billion (which is higher than experts predicted), and revenue - $ 15.7 billion (as much as a billion more than analysts expected).

    On the other hand, MS forecast the following results: $ 4.1 billion in net profit with $ 15.26 billion in revenue. If these numbers are confirmed, then it turns out that Apple did not just catch up with MS, but has already become a leader in this circle. For the first time in history.

    Below are financial charts that describe several years of confrontation (as well as looking into the near future): Clickable According to forecasts, Apple will already be ahead of Microsoft ($ 12 billion) in fiscal year 2011: Clickable And although Apple will not affect Apple’s capitalization yet, but, apparently, soon this side will be tightened too. As well as the value of net profit, which, despite Apple’s greater revenue, is still lower than that of Microsoft.

    In general, Jobs is closer to victory than ever - tomorrow (after the publication of the MS report) we will find out whether he did it in the second quarter or will have to wait until the third. But analysts agree that Apple’s leadership is inevitable.


    Update: Microsoft results - for three months the corporation generated a record $ 16.04 billion.
    So, Jobs will have to endure another three months.

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