Android Froyo 2.2 for HTC Hero

    Hello, Khabravchans!

    This morning was marked for me by the good news - the notorious team released an unofficial firmware for HTC Hero based on Android Froyo 2.2 - FroydVillain 1.0.0 .

    So, in the firmware:
    • Android Froyo 2.2 without Flash 10.1
    • All equipment works as expected (the standard camera program does not work, you can use Camera Magic)
    • Own bootscreen
    • Its core with the ability to overclock the processor up to 748Mhz
    • Work with EXT section
    • All HTC ringtones, messages, notifications, etc ..
    • High performance Open GL and firmware as a whole
    • Fancy Widget (Weather Clock Widget in HTC Style)
    • Choose between Launcher Pro or Launcher 2

    To install a new firmware, of course, a full wipe is required.
    Having been installed in the morning, the firmware managed to please the process of use.

    Personal impressions:
    • A regular dialer does not have active controls during the call, as a result of which when you put the phone on your ear, there are no accidental clicks
    • ADW Launcher instead of HTC Sense is more functional
    • Sorting and searching for contacts by Russian letters works great
    • The regular Lockscreen by the Home button does not fall out on the desktop, which eliminates accidental clicks when carrying the phone in a jeans pocket
    • The new version of Navitel for Android 2.2 has stopped stuttering (I don’t know, though, who to thank for this)

    Download firmware here .
    Donations to authors can be made here .

    Well, a few screenshots:

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