Mozilla raises the reward for found bugs to $ 3000

    Mozilla announced an increase from $ 500 to $ 3,000 in user rewards for bugs found in Firefox, Thunderbird and Firefox Mobile security (including beta versions and release candidates).

    The bug reward program started six years ago, and until recently, Mozilla was the only organization that officially paid money to hackers for reporting vulnerabilities. Neither Microsoft, nor Adobe, nor Oracle - whose bugs are found almost every week - do this. Hackers do not deter anything from leaking information to the black market.

    Only Google followed Mozilla’s example and started paying $ 500 for every bug in Chromium (and $ 1337 for serious holes), but there were critics who called it funnyamount of remuneration.

    Recently, TippingPoint (the Zero Day Initiative program ) and VeriSign (the iDefense program ) have also been buying information about fresh vulnerabilities , so that a normal legal market is gradually emerging in this area where security specialists can monetize their knowledge.

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