Sberbank terminal

    Of course, the security problem was pushed along and across, so such situations no longer surprise me. So this post will only be a drop in the bucket. About how to hack a Sberbank terminal - under the cut!

    I will tell you a story that happened to me today in a savings bank. The first time I went to pay for a home phone through the terminal. Since apparently not a lot of people do this, the turn is only three people. Plus, a Sberbank employee who shows everyone how to use the terminal. However, in the office itself there are a lot of people (most of the branches in our city are under repair), so she runs back and forth, trying to help different people. Before me stood a woman who had some problems with payment, a Sberbank employee went to solve the problem, and they let me go ahead. Since I saw such a terminal for the first time, I began to delve into the categories of payments, trying to find the right company that provides communication services. But after half a minute the same aunt came up. I showed her the receipt, she replied that the payment might also fail,
    This is where the fun begins. She enters 138138138138 on the keyboard in the main menu, then presses enter, a window for entering the user number appears (enters a three-digit number), and the password ****** (there was a very simple password, a familiar situation, isn’t it?), Then I I didn’t have time to get a good look at it, but there definitely was a shutdown of the terminal and a reboot (which she did). Surely there are more fun features.

    It turned out that the terminal is running Windows XP, and reboots in 3-4 minutes, because after loading Windows, the console opens and several times lines like “Waiting for 10000 msec” are displayed, and then the path to some exe-shnik.

    Apparently Sberbank does not really care about the security of its terminals :)

    Editing: removed login and password, apparently, they are not in the same terminal

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