Social Significance of Social Networks

    What is a social network - a means of searching for new acquaintances, chatter with real acquaintances, a source of information? A lot of articles have been written about this. But the real case of life ...

    I had an unpleasant situation, the laptop broke down and had to be taken under warranty to the M-Video service ... after which the next day all passwords stored in the browser were stolen, including money from two Yandex accounts.

    You can argue a lot about whether the author is a sucker or not a sucker, whether it is normal to store passwords stored on your home laptop or is it inadequate. I’d like to tell not about this, but about the significance of messages on social networks.

    I turned to the client department of M-Video with the desire to figure out the rat that they had settled there, and sent me with this to the forest. Then I published a post in LiveJournal ... several of my friends responded to it ... Since I was registered in Hydepark, I decided to publish a message there too. This network is very young, but the creators of Hydepark write that this is the most useful social network for mature people, where the message will not go unnoticed. The post really found a public outcry: I got a lot of feedback ... of course, many people accused me of stupidity due to the storage of passwords, many sympathized.

    The most important thing - literally an hour after the publication of the post, the M-Video management contacted me and announced the beginning of an internal investigation!
    Like this : it all ended, i.e. full happy end.

    I was very impressed with the reaction time of M-Video employees to a message in Hydepark. It is possible if I found them in another network, the reaction time would be the same, I did not try to check. It is important that posts on social networks work - they help to be heard not by stars and not by oligarchs, but by ordinary people.

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