Apple is preparing for "life after Google"

    Apple went shopping again this week. We ( - approx. Translator) already wrote about the previous ones, this time Poly9 from Quebec, which specializes in cartography, became the object of the acquisition . This is the second purchased project on the topic of maps, the first was Placebase .

    What does all this mean?

    In the short term, this shows that Apple wants to get its own Google Earth, according to analyst Greg Sterling.

    More broadly, these purchases are only part of Apple’s strategy. A strategy in which Google’s products are left behind.

    Since 2007, Apple has used a number of Google services on the iPhone, such as Google Search, Google Maps, YouTube, etc. But judging by the series of transactions for the purchase of core companies, we can conclude that key services will only become Apple. Google has gradually turned into the main competitor , if not the enemy, Apple.

    Apple's most recent deals have been card purchases. Before that, Jobs decided to enter the mobile search engine market. Google is no longer the default search engine. Apple has acquired its own advertising system iAds. The only key link that so far falls out of the control sphere of the apple giant is YouTube.

    No, while everything is quiet and decent. Apple and Google still successfully collaborate in many areas. But Steve Jobs does not build illusions and of course will try to create Google protection for all areas of his business.


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