Swiftpoint mouse available for pre-order


    Quite a lot of time has passed since the Swiftpoint company name last appeared in news feeds. However, contrary to malicious machinations, the company remains afloat and, moreover, shows interesting products.

    This time - an ultraportable Swiftpoint mouse, which compares favorably with its competitors in terms of its ability to use and is disadvantageous - at a rather steep price of $ 70 in the United States and € 80 in the EU (and this is with a 10% discount).

    However, for a person who does not like to use the touchpad, and to drag an ordinary mouse seems sacrilege, Swiftpoint could very well become a micropanacea. Obviously, you will have to get used to such a small manipulator, but the manufacturer added several spoons of delicious honey, like an hour of work after a 30-second charge (according to his statement, a mouse will last from 3 to 4 weeks on a full battery).

    You can rate the mouse on the manufacturer’s homepage .

    via Engadget

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