@ sms.ru addresses are available for email2sms service

    Today we launched the e-mail2sms service . It allows you (and your friends) to send you sms messages via e-mail. However, they do not have to know your real mobile phone number. Most of you have already known her for many years thanks to your mobile operators. But unfortunately, most of them have already abandoned it because of the abundance of incoming spam.

    We decided to revive it as part of our service.
    1. So that you do not spam, the default address is a random sequence of 8 characters - 4e5unegu@sms.ru . But you can replace it with your nickname, for example hellosanta@sms.ru
    2. You can choose what will be delivered in your SMS:
      • sender address
      • heading
      • Message text
      • or all together
    3. You can choose to receive your messages in Latin alphabet (to save the size of SMS messages and your money).

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