Startup Lynch from a Venture Investor

    Hello, Habr! Today we are announcing a new project - habralinch from venture company Fast Lane Ventures .

    The rules for participation are very simple: you leave a request on the company’s page, and a week later on the pages of this blog you read the lynch from our investment analyst.

    To send an application, you need to describe the project as follows:
    1. Project Description
    2. Earnings model
    3. Potential clients
    4. Partners and suppliers
    5. Competitive environment and the market as a whole
    6. Competitive advantages
    7. Development Plan and Strategic Goals
    8. Time to launch until the first client
    9. Existing achievements (summary) of team members
    Detailed and honest answers to these questions are enough for our investment analyst to evaluate your business. Evaluation will be based on the following scheme: strengths / weaknesses of the project and advice. I have already seen a couple of such reviews, and I must say that the comments are very professional, but much, of course, depends on the contents of the application - what is the question, such is the answer.

    Who can take part in the project?

    This will be useful to already launched projects and startups during the launch process - as an examination and as an excellent PR. Sufficiently developed ideas are also considered - if you have enough charge to fill out the entire application. The company reserves the right not to respond to incorrectly completed or obviously “raw” ideas.

    By the way, if you are not yet interested in the public “flogging” of your project, or your startup is in its infancy, the diagram above may be useful to you for internal purposes - to try to analyze your situation and development plans yourself. Future conversations with big guys from venture capital companies will come in handy.

    How it works?

    After receiving the completed form from you , an analysis will be ready within a week, which will be further posted on the same blog.

    If you are interested not so much in advice as in cooperation, then you can simply send an email to - the application will be reviewed in a working order, but nobody will guarantee you an analysis of the project. However, if your startup is interested in the company as an object for investment, then you will be contacted. In this case, it will be useful for you to read a little information about the company.

    About company

    Fast Lane Ventures is a venture group created to develop, launch and promote Internet companies. This is so far the only venture company in Russia that not only invests its own funds in the implementation of promising ideas, but also organizes the entire process of launching a project from scratch, acting as an investor and an operational partner at the same time.

    The portfolio of the founders of the company includes such projects as KupiVip,,, Rusfinansbank, etc. There are already 10 successful online projects in our own portfolio of Fast Lane Ventures , one of which, the online shoe store Sapato, received several million dollars in May investment from Intel Capital.

    Interaction model

    We work with startups as an investor and operational partner. This means close interaction at the level of strategic decision-making and control of KPI development ( more ).

    See you in a week!

    We hope that our action will help you not only identify the strengths and weaknesses of your development, but also find new partners, and possibly customers. The account on Habr for participation in the project is not required.

    We are waiting for your letters, and do not forget to subscribe to our blog so as not to miss the first issues of habralinch :)

    UPD All issues of habralinch are available here .

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