Waiting for the plugin

       While the industrial giants are preparing the GoogleTV concept (in which, apparently, it will take quite a while to wait for something interesting and relevant for the Russian-speaking segment), manufacturers are less on their way, fighting for the hearts of users in all possible ways, already offering alternative products.


       One of them, for example, is the MediaBar, which I wrote about recently . At the moment this is a project, for the most part consisting of online services that are in network players (NMT), and will soon appear in other devices, such as televisions and BluRay players.

       For those who like to consciously shovel and study the stuffing of the network player, an opportunity has appeared to combine business with pleasure. It's about a 22 '' inch LCD TV thatcan be obtained in exchange for a developed service plugin for MediaBar. By the way, the latter is absolutely free (unless, of course, the price of the device that possesses it is considered), as in fact, it’s an open source development - you can always do something yourself, fix or modify an existing application to your needs.


       All this is not advertising for the sake of, but for the appearance of good services for - it's great when, without looking up from the couch, you can find out the weather, news, an interactive TV program, check mail, see photos or videos from the network, download something or just kill time in some toy.

       I know that there are a lot of craftsmen on Habré, so I do not lose hope that among the winners there will be a plug-in that, for example, would display the main page of the site on TV without any unnecessary details. I don’t know, of course, how convenient it is to read posts from the TV (however, I have read more than once - quite), but just to be able to watch the latest issues of KANOBuvostyov and listen to podcasts without authorization would be great. I think there is nothing complicated about this, moreover, there is an SDK , ready-made documentation and many examples . Yes, and the telly is not superfluous! :)

       For clarity, I threw how I see it. Unlike a regular browser, on which the remote control will have to sort through all the links, moving through the main sections (hardly anyone visits the “work” every day) is done by four colored buttons. The rest of the buttons to move around the page - and no more. Only here programming skills, unfortunately, have not a gram of menia. But I can help with pleasure! Anyone take it?


       And in general, can make a separate place where all the habr-gadgets will be stored? Programs, plugins for different platforms, scripts, services and other goodies. It would not be out of place!

       As for the competition - there it is not necessary to limit oneself only to Habré - it is full of other services that can be advantageously crossed with a TV.

    Good luck!

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