Game consoles will add support for 3G

    The largest Japanese mobile operator NTT DoCoMo invited game console manufacturers to add the ability to connect via 3G networks to portable consoles, thereby expanding the possibilities of joint games and allowing the use of other useful functions.

    Ryuji Yamada, president of NTT DoCoMo, said that all manufacturers know that adding networking capabilities will be a big step forward. The operator is currently negotiating with different companies, but with whom exactly, Mr. Yamada refused to inform.

    The currently most popular Nintendo DS and Sony PSP game consoles can connect to the “outside world” via Wi-Fi, but so far, no one has 3G support, which gives great bandwidth, which can be useful in games and multimedia. applications. However, the companies declined to comment on the fact of negotiations with the Japanese telecom operator.

    Recently, there are more and more devices, such as an Amazon Kindle reader or an Apple iPad, allowing you to access the Internet and access online services from anywhere, regardless of Wi-Fi.

    3G in consoles will become another way of wireless communication, and will allow manufacturers, in addition to generating additional income, to download important software updates to devices and close security holes remotely, without user intervention.

    Nintendo already promise that in their upcoming portable console 3DS will significantly improve wireless communication technology, which will automatically connect to the network with other consoles or go online. The excellent sales of the previous Nintendo DS console (and more than 128 million have been sold since 2004) will make it possible to launch the new device before March 2011.
    The president of the company liked how Amazon added 3G to its Kindle, the owners of which do not have to constantly pay operators for communication, and its cost is included in the cost of content and the company thinks how to adopt this experience.

    Meanwhile, they say that Sony is developing a multifunctional device that combines the functions of a portable game console, e-book and netbook. Given that the company does not report on the development of a new version of PSP, this may turn out to be true. Some Sony e-book models already have 3G support, but it’s not yet clear whether this type of connection will be used in the new device.

    Portable consoles feel strong pressure from smartphones and communicators, which make it easy to download and play simple games. The distinction between gaming and mobile communication devices is blurred. And perhaps sooner or later it will disappear completely.

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