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    Currently, users of QIWI Wallet have access to applications for all major mobile platforms. From the application that started it all: for the JAVA platform and ending with Android.
    In total, 5 applications for all major mobile operating systems have been developed and are available for free download. Yesterday, a project was launched to develop a specialized Application for another mobile operating system.

    Looking at the picture / list, you can already guess which of the systems is the most popular. But it’s always interesting to look at the numbers:

    The figures are for June 2010. The total amount of payments through mobile devices is 100%.

    So, the first place is occupied by QIWI Wallet for JAVA - 65.65%:

    Previously, providers appeared in the Application with a long delay. Now the situation has changed, for example, the withdrawal to Sberbank appeared in the Java Application for the very first - even before it appeared on the payment site.

    The second, deserved place, is taken by the Application for the iPhone: 21.11%:

    The first version of the Application became available to a wide range of users in February 2010. Since then, it has only continued to gain popularity: the number and volume of payments is growing every month. And this is despite the number of phones in the country that is not comparable with Java supporting!
    By the way, on Saturday a new version was released: with a completely new design and support for iOS4.0.

    Third place goes to Applications for the Windows Mobile platform: 10.95%:

    The application runs on the operating systems Windows Mobile 5.0 and higher. There are versions for PDAs and smartphones / communicators.
    All applications show an increase in payments, some explosive (a vivid example of the iPhone), but, alas, this does not apply to Windows Mobile. The level of payments in March and June 2010 is the same. It is possible that we pay little attention to this platform. Let's see if anything changes with the mass release of phones running WIN 7. But the news: not inspiring .

    An honorable fourth and fifth place is occupied by newcomers to QIWI Wallet - these are Android and Blackberry: from 2.23% and 0.06%, respectively.

    I’m not sure about Blackberry - it has a specific user population, and we believe in the development of the Application. He is still ahead.

    Total payments in June 2010 using all of the above applications: 83.26 million rubles .


    Any application can be downloaded on the QIWI Wallet payment website or on its mobile version .

    Comments are welcome. All interesting offers and suggestions regarding the Applications will be structured and sent to the developers.

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