The future is up to you - 2

    The week that has passed from the previous haber post “Die on the Bright Side” , I took measurements of the speed of mobile Internet in different places in Moscow (I post the results on the website . I ’m measuring it . So, yesterday the Internet from Megaphone just “fell off.”

    I tried to figure it out, what’s what - The modem turns on, gives signs of life, but ... it doesn’t work. You can watch the connection process from 08:17 - for several minutes (I tried to connect again five or six to the camera, the effect is zero) nothing happens .

    Fortunately, I conducted my speed test near the Yandex office (that's where the mobile Internet should have three cars and a cart!), There are almost two dozen wi-fi networks (many open) to choose from, so I quietly connected and climbed onto Megaphone website.

    This, as it turned out, is only the beginning of adventure - in the field of view on the main page there is only one phone - 0500. Short number. That is, I can’t call him from my beeline. Ok, we’ll go through the sections - “Feedback” - there is only a form to write a message to tech support. “Connection and payment” - not a hint of a phone number. As a journalist, I go to the "Press" section - only press releases. Maybe "Subscribers"- A light in the end of a tunnel? Yeah, well ... The intuitive and incomprehensible interface of the site, as it turned out, has its own special logic - the support service phone is located in the "About the company" tab and then in the "Contacts" , and then you need to go to the "Moscow Region" - how didn’t I immediately guess? .. But only there, finally, I managed to find it. If you want to become a subscriber, it’s better to write down immediately: (495) 5025500, 5077777, 8 (800) 3330500.

    I dial the first number and finally get to the voice menu ... no, not to tech support, but to the announcement (on the second video - 03:58 ): “A specialist will answer you in more than ten minutes". Comments here, as they say, are unnecessary.

    YouTube videos, as you know, can be uploaded for no more than 10 minutes, so the whole story for posterity was not captured, I’ll just add that I continued to stay on the line for another 15 minutes, after which I was told that “now all the operators are busy "And disconnected.

    ps In the comments to the first video in LiveJournal, I was advised to check the computer for viruses (mac, huh), see if the USB ports are broken (despite the fact that both the Beeline modem and the exact same MTS connection are quietly connected).

    Here it is, the “mobile Internet”, which only takes at least half an hour to test (not to mention work!). In the center of Moscow. Near the large business and exhibition center, where the country's largest Internet company is located.

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