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    Perhaps it is no secret that will soon see the light of the new, I hope :) improved version of the popular service to store bookmarks (bookmarks) called . So far, it is running in "by invitation" mode, which is quite simple to get: for this you need to go to the special. section and follow the instructions, which was done by me :)

    The other day (after a few weeks, no more, no less) I still received that cherished invitation and now I would like to share my impressions of the updated More precisely, what caught my eye, because thoroughly test the service until there was no time ...

    So let's go ...

    Where are the dots?

    The guys did a rebranding: now it’s not unpronounceable for newcomers , but simply . The creators themselves comrades explain this by the difficulty of remembering the old name, and also by the fact that not everyone could "overpower" it (to be honest, I also did not immediately remember :)

    [...] the dots were confusing and difficult to remember, especially for new users [...]

    At the same time, the old address will still work (for example, I like it better).

    Change of appearance

    The new design personally pleased me with its simplicity and functionality. I was delighted to see him for the first time, and the first thing that occurred to me was how good it was that those blue inscriptions on a red background disappeared, which probably irritated not only me.

    Here is a small photo report from the scene:

    Welcome to the Delicious Preview!Delicious homePashka R.'s BookmarksPashka R.'s Networkpashka_r's Tags

    But what about the functionality?

    A number of improvements have also taken place on this front:


    The guys changed the bookmark’s layout, making it more readable and understandable ... In particular, the appearance of the “bookmark popularity” field was revised.

    We've refined our bookmarks layout to be easier to read at a glance. [...] Say goodbye to salmon on blue! The popularity of a bookmark can be determined quickly by the width and shade of the blue box around the save count.


    Site navigation is made in the form of a drop-down menu. I don’t really like this kind of thing, in particular (this is primarily due to the fact that the menu itself often disappears when the mouse leaves it, which is annoying, especially when I use the touch pad on a laptop. Here it is hidden only by clicking on the menu or outside it, i.e. the behavior of the menu is very natural) on web pages, but everything turned out very well and, most importantly, very convenient.

    We've organized the site into three main sections: Bookmarks, People and Tags. When you are logged in, these menus give you quick access to your Bookmarks, Network and Tags pages. The My Tags page is a new way to see all your tags in a expanded tag cloud.


    Oh, there were no boundaries of my joy at all ... They did what the Bolsheviks on Habré spoke for so long, something that I often thought about myself - this is a multiple choice of tags. It looks like this: Also in the field for entering a tag name, auto-completion works, which also can not but rejoice.

    Recent webdev, python and django Bookmarks

    Use our new Tag Bar to quickly navigate your bookmarks by using tags and tag combinations. Viewing a tag has never been easier with tag autocomplete. Using the latest in 21st century technology, we've also added the ability to sort your current view in a variety of useful ways!

    View, filters and search

    Bookmarks can now be displayed not just with lists of different dimensions. In the new version of the service, it became possible to specify the details of this list: only the title, title + keywords and title + description + keywords.

    Added the ability to filter bookmarks by the number of users who saved it. And search results include not only your own and general bookmarks, but also search results in the context of the selected tags - i.e. delicious remembers the last selected tags - very, I will say, conveniently.

    Our new Search allows you to not only search your own bookmarks, but virtually any context in Delicious. For example, you can now search a bundle, a tag, your Network, or another person's bookmarks from our handy search box in the header.

    To summarize

    It seems that this is only the tip of the iceberg of changes and improvements that I could notice in the few tens of minutes that I spent watching the service. Surely the developers improved the engine by increasing the speed of work and paving the way for the introduction of new features :)

    In general, I was very pleased with what I saw. The service has become really much more beautiful and convenient and I can’t wait for the moment when the updated delicious opens the doors to everyone :)


    Although all bookmarks, tags, etc. (except for friends) from the first version were transferred to the demo version, the developers specify that the data will not be synchronized and that after the test period is over, all changes made to it will be lost. This was done on purpose, so that users can test all the functions of the service without fear of losing data ...

    This Preview is a “sandbox” environment, which means that we've imported your data from your live account, and that any changes that you make inside the Preview will be totally lost when it ends. This is good: you can play around, delete stuff, rename tags to strange characters, and test it all out without worrying that you've messed up your collection of bookmarks. If you do wish to keep the changes you've made, you can use the export tool in your Preview settings. We'll remind you about all this near the end of the Preview.

    And yet ... this post is my debut as a "reviewer", so I’m asking you not to kick much, and the constructive - he is welcomed as always ... although I hope that the review is not very terrible :)

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