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    Good time, the users, it so happened that a joyful event happened in our team - moving to a new office. Fortunately, the process of his choice did not touch me (except, of course, not to observe the people calling around at the time the prices were announced), but all the consequences fell on my shoulders. And it would seem that the difficult thing can be in the organization of the workflow of an unassuming team - set up tables, connected phones with the Internet and enjoy life. (oh naive me)

    The first thing I took up the furniture. Where can I buy some cheap tables? The memory prompted IKEA, because how many times it was possible to cheaply buy good furniture there. I go to ikea.ru with full enthusiasm, click on the link “Inspirational solutions for arranging a business”, then on “office furniture for staff” and I understand that something is wrong. I see that they offer me Computer Slots, though I can’t buy them - 404. For the sake of interest, I look at a few more pages - I meet blank sections, 404, texts written by a person who knows Russian even worse than me and an absolutely wonderful “pseudo-basement” (try guess that the bottom page is the text). Yeah, apparently IKEA is so rich that it doesn’t need extra buyers (By the way, it surprises me with what love nofollow is scattered in the pages of the site?).

    In frustrated feelings, I decide to do the Internet. Here it is worth saying that in the last office it was not just bad with the Internet, but nowhere worse. The local dwarf monopolist not only wanted a lot of money, it also provided speed at the dialup level, and you could catch wifi or yota only by leaning out of the window at the window and holding the laptop on outstretched arms (which is not very convenient to work with). In the new office, there were at least 3 providers, and even caught yota and beeline. The first thing I did was go to the websites of the provided providers. The first on the list was Pervy Telecom, which immediately informed me the following:

    Unlimited Internet in the office is the first service of the First Telecom company.

    A call to this wonderful company only confirmed that noble “most people” work there. On our modest request in the form of 2mb anlim it was suggested to pay a little more than 14 thousand rubles a month (although I still have a lot of faith in people and I hope that this was the price for the connection and we misunderstood each other).

    The next on my list was the local micro-company, which fortunately offered adequate rates and pleasant discounts, although several times more expensive than the home Internet, but this is alas the norm in Moscow. But for the sake of interest (and with a timid hope for a miracle) I went to the Corbin website, chose high-speed Internet for corporate clients, once again confirmed that I was a corporate client, and not by chance clicked on a link and got to b2b.beeline.ru/index. wbp(by the way, at that time, the encoding was broken on this page, now it’s been repaired - progress). Of course, we talked with a lovely girl from Beeline, she asked if I made the decision, how many people we had and how many competitors asked and promised to write to the post office. Which, however, did not surprise at all, because previous companies also actively hinted that they were ready to do better than competitors, only they need to be told (I really wanted to snag a penny iota every time).

    In the end, of course, we bought furniture and connected to the Internet. But the sediment remained.

    In no case do I want to say that I discovered America by telling all this, but at least the strange attitude to corporate (and, it seems to me, more demanding) customers from existing companies was annoying me so much that I wanted to share it. I’m almost sure that those who at least once were involved in entering the new office had no less problems and stories.

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