Remote encrypted data storage

    Hello, habrozhiteli.

    Before you start - I do not consider any of you a criminal, a person who hides information, child porn and so on. I just want to know what you think about my idea.

    In general, this is the case - in our own data center NAS was littered with a total of ~ 120 Tb. The thought came to me on this wealth to make storage, but not simple, but encrypted - and so that on our side only public keys and encrypted data are stored. That is, even if mask shows come to us with the cry of “give us all the most secret bookkeeping of such and such a company,” we politely dub them encrypted files and say goodbye for 450 years.

    Firstly, who needs it. According to the list - all the CIS countries where the police can come just like that, take out a couple of racks and say goodbye. Accounting backups, banking systems, financial information - all this can be freely hosted so that no one can read it except you. If you have your own SMS gateway, it’s not a problem to make it so that upon receiving an SMS from you, the data array drops and is filled with random data on the top a couple of times.

    Secondly, prices. Google Storage costs, as I recall, 0.3 per gigabyte. I think the price of 35-40 dollar cents per gig per month and unlimited traffic will satisfy everyone.

    Thirdly, communication with the client. Let's say we do this - you are knocking on our Skype, ordering / paying how many gigs you need. We send a passphrase for communicating with the server + a console utility under win / lin that can do open / close / get / put / ls / mkdir / rm based on your keys. Everything works - everything is encrypted on your side with your own key, is sent to us via HTTPS, including file names, and we put everything in folders. Yes, alas, the folder structure will be preserved, but this is a minimal security problem.

    Third, development. I myself needed this solution for quite some time, having tried cryptloop / EncFS / PGP / Amanda and other containers, and I know how important the development of such a project is, so I guarantee:
    • sell 5 terabytes - there will be a web interface
    • sell 15 - there will be a driver for fuse
    • sell 30 - there will be a GUI client and file driver for windows
    • will be 50 - fasten the e-alladin e-token, where all your keys will be stored, and personally go around in amsterdam where our half-racks are, and there will be our backup

    Thoughts, wishes and gigabyte reservations - in a comment or in PM.

    I need your opinion, friends.

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