Convenient hosting of small files

    I want to quickly and thoughtlessly upload small files: from the file’s context menu, in a couple of clicks, without remembering or writing down a link to it.
    For what? So that at any time from anywhere with the Internet just take this file or orally transmit its “address”.
    How? My concept is below.

    You need a simpler site name - something like (no chance to make a mistake in writing).

    It should look something like this:
    That is, one input field, an ad unit (well, should it pay off somehow?) And a tiny registration button.

    When registering (with captcha, probably?) With a nickname and, probably, some other data, a certain application is generated as a key (cross-platform would be respected) or something else.
    It is installed only in the context menu (can this be so?).

    Now, when you click on a menu item, for example, “Pour onto Calabal,” a window appears asking for a password, easily skipped.

    All! Now I or someone comes to a simple, drives in the well-known “MagaDann” and gets a link to the last file I’ve shared (if it’s a picture, then a picture) and a chronological list of other files:

    Password for the case when some file should not be seen by outsiders people - perhaps there are other options; a customizable option.

    In general, the main point is no links and bulky sites.

    PS. It is inspired by a service that works well and is lit on Habré.
    Googled another - to no avail, perhaps ineptly.

    Also popular now: