Google Earth 5.2

    Released a new version of Google Earth .

    Now the program no longer uses the default system browser when the user clicks on the links. Google Earth has a built-in browser on the WebKit engine, so you no longer need to leave the application in order to open the corresponding site or page on Wikipedia.

    In version 5.0, it became possible to connect GPS devices to Google Earth and import your routes. Now you can also view altitude, speed and other data directly in Google Earth. If the GPS device has recorded additional information, then it will also be available. You can also see statistics, for example, total height, maximum slope, average speed. You can select a part of the route and get statistics only on it.

    Also updated client for iOS , in version 3.0.0 added full support for iPad. In addition, users were able to use the road layer.

    And a separate line for those who use Ubuntu: installation instructions .

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