Services of joint purchases in RuNet

    Gradually in the Russian Internet sector, the phenomenon of joint purchase is gaining popularity, that is, the association of buyers to form a common order with a supplier in order to purchase any product at a wholesale price.

    Now, such purchases are made according to two schemes:

    1) Standard - you can leave a request for a product. After reaching the required number of applications, buyers collect money, then the purchase and shipment of goods is carried out. Minus - the buyer has every chance at the decisive moment not to pay for the goods, and when he refuses the whole group suffers. This is a joint purchase in a classic form, requiring significant organizational work and is exposed to the human factor.

    2) Improved - to receive any product or service at a preferential price, it is necessary that the purchase reaches a certain volume. Therefore, such systems offer to buy certain coupons that allow you to receive goods at a significant discount (purchased a coupon for 100 rubles - get the right to eat at a restaurant for 500). If the required number of coupons has been sold, they are activated and they can be used to pay for the purchase. If not, the money is returned to the buyer.

    If we look at Yandex’s search results for “joint purchase”, we’ll see that interest in this scheme is growing at an astonishing rate.

    In this case, the bulk of the sites offers to work on the "old model" system. Now a coupon system is used only by a limited number of sites - such as, In general, competition in the market is weak, which cannot be said about the English-speaking sector of the Internet. There, this trend has already been significantly developed - the sites,,,, feel great, receiving significant investments. So, for example, LivingSocial received $ 25 million from investors, BuyWithMe - 5.5 million, but so far it has broken all the records of Groupon, which received $ 135 million. And the number of sites trying to gain their share of this market is constantly growing.

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