Vuvuzela-Filter or how to remove a swarm of flies from the broadcast

    If you love football, then the word “vuvuzela” is not only familiar to you, but you already have enough of it. For those who are not in the topic I will explain - now the World Cup is being held in South Africa and each broadcast is accompanied by the sound of national African pipes (vuvuzel). It all sounds something like (sorry) a swarm of flies over fresh manure and annoying order. So, closer to the point - one German engineer quickly banged up a device that removes annoying sound from the broadcast using hardware and software.


    The description (in German) of this thing, who is familiar with the language of Schiller and Goethe, can be read here. I know German very poorly and understood only the essence of the idea - the sound stream is edited so that the frequencies characteristic of the sound of the vuvuzel are removed from it. And yet - the author of the device mentioned that "in principle, any computer with a modern sound card and appropriate software can handle this work." In this regard, I had a question - is it really possible to remove this drone directly from streaming video or is it still about editing the record? The first option would be very good ...

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