Habrafootball: everything was awesome

    So, habrafootball took place yesterday. The news is mostly only good: lucky with the weather (compare with what happened on Sunday or with what is happening on the street, for example, today) - it was cool and sunny. The field was not occupied, and the balls were in sufficient quantity - old Hottabych would be pleased.

    But the most important thing is that people came: there were about thirty people in all. Thanks to everyone who came again!

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    Report under the cut, multi-flow.

    The people began to catch up by the hour, and immediately began to warm up. The first whistle (metaphysical, because this gadget was actually absent from the game) was given at 13:20.

    In parallel , a start was made on Twitter :


    At first, the team began to play on a team - monochrome versus colored T-shirts, but the people arrived so quickly that they had to form a third team to replace them, and while they were waiting for their turn, more people came and it became clear that four teams had to be played.

    Pay for the first, second, third, fourth!

    As a result, we held a mini-tournament. They played according to the following scheme: three circles, each team plays two games in a circle, only 4 games per circle. According to the results of three circles, that is 12 games - points were considered and the winner was determined. About who won - below.

    Each match was ten minutes or up to two goals. Early (with two goals on one side) the masts ended only two or three times, once I had to give extra time.

    We also had fans:

    Who after this will say that Habr does not like shkolota children? He loves and knows how to find the right application:

    The game started

    Sergey Ponomarenko from Ingenius Systems saw the ball:


    By the way, he is looking for a programmer: I

    thought that the next time you need to take money for such an advertisement :)

    A friend of all Asusov and Intel boomburum outlines his opponent:

    and otakue:

    The author of the field and the owner of the red Mazda, in which somehow forgot his points , kradzhyan looks at all this philosophically: It’s

    better to see from above:

    the Stakhanov goalkeeper managed to play for almost all four teams:


    But in any case, his cunning plan to be in the winning team was fulfilled in a completely unexpected way: despite the intrigue that developed throughout all three circles, the leaders lost in the last lap, and the lagging ahead pulled ahead and each team ended up with three matches won. Friendship won with a score of 9: 9: 9: 9:


    After some of the most tireless and the most starving players (11 people, an entire football team) went to continue the banquet in a cafe, but this is a completely different story left overs;)

    Who is on photos - add photos to comments, get acquainted again.

    The bad news

    Only one: the female fans promised to come - and did not come. None. There are so many suitors running without shirts! Bite your elbows.

    Future plans

    Two weeks later, we play again, in the same place at the same hour (well, or maybe a little earlier). We have no problems with the balls, but the whistle was not enough. Strictly speaking, a qualified judge was also lacking. image

    Ideas are being accepted regarding the organization of tournaments in other sports: for example, the idea was heard about poker - who cares?

    How to help us

    Yesterday there were three photographers with us, several participants brought balls and pumps. It would be nice if the next time someone came with a video camera, and even better - a webcam and Iota to organize a live broadcast online. You can also adjust the music, for example - a pair of speakers, a disk and a battery more powerful will brighten up and diversify our leisure :)

    Sponsors can also help us:
    • the title sponsor who will provide (or start) his blog on Habré, where information about matches and reporting posts will be published;
    • food sponsors who will bring water to the game for a meal - it can be pizzerias, shops, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and a kiosk at the Kursk station;
    • equipment sponsors: we need four-color shirts in the amount of 80 pieces (20 each), branding shirts to the taste of the sponsor with slight restrictions;
    • buffet sponsors who organize a banquet or other party / party after the match;
    • photo, audio, video sponsors, who, accordingly, will be able to organize professional photography, video broadcasting or musical accompaniment of games;
    • various sponsors who will light up with banners during the games.

    Getting into the reporting and preparatory posts in the largest IT community of Runet is guaranteed.

    Useful links:

    All photos from the match:
    on picas from Lester.Massena
    on flickr from eXistanze
    and on Yandex.Fotki from asdkola .

    The hashtag on Twitter and the Vkontakte group , where everyone who is not unregistered on Habré can be recorded to be in the know about upcoming events.


    See you!


    And again, for forgotten points, contact krajhyan

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