Linden Lab cuts staff 30%

    Second Life seems to be doing not so well. Yesterday, the company announced a reduction of 30% of its employees. As stated in the press release, this is done with the goal of "restructuring." Programmers outside the United States and support staff fell under the cut. Now the development department will be completely American: development offices in the UK and Singapore are closed.

    Linden Lab's new strategy is to make the “second life” accessible through a browser, without having to download separate software. In theory, less staff will be required to develop and support this version of the game.

    In addition, Linden Lab is trying to promote Second Life on social networks. In theory, this is quite logical, because virtual reality in 3D can become a natural extension of social networks. But no one knows how to make such integration and what will come of it.

    However, in a financial sense, Linden Labs is far from death. Last year, this company was valued at $ 650-700 million, so if the reforms are successful, then Second Life may again fall into a wave of popularity, miracles happen.

    via TechCrunch

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