How to organize an event

    Hello everybody!
    I dealt with this question - “how to organize your event” and having spent a lot of time on the Internet, I could not find an intelligible answer to this question. Of course, I saw answers to some questions, but not all. Therefore, I ask those people who have already organized events to help me with this.

    What I would like to know:
    • Location. It seems clear that we must proceed from the number, etc., as well as what is required, but there are always pitfalls.
    • If there is no projector, but you need it - don’t buy it ?! Is it possible to rent it as other additional equipment.
    • Search for speakers. Does the speaker's work have to be paid? I understand that this mega influential person is necessary, but what is required for people who just want to share their experience?
    • Search for sponsors. On the subject of the meeting there are so many products that it’s a sin not to promote leading companies from Microsoft to Ubuntu. How to negotiate with them? What are the approximate conditions (at least on the example of Microsoft). What is required and what contacts to contact them.
    • Well, I would also like to hear additional recommendations.

    I will also be glad to hear any recommendations on this issue.

    PS Since I am writing an IT-event blog, I think it’s clear that the event is on IT topics.

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