Garmin-Asus - one step closer to the people

    image   Remember, once I did a review of the Garmin-Asus M20 communicator-navigator ? Three interchangeable housing panels, a second battery, a proprietary Garmin-navigation and other buns included - many then this device was very interested.

     Not so long ago, the duo released a new device, the Garmin-Asus M10 is a much more technologically advanced device, but I will not write about it anymore - they have already written in more detail .

     In order to somehow move on, keep the public informed of the news and just be at least a little closer to people, the LJ-community ru_garmin_asus was created . Accordingly, so far this is one of the few official social places where various announcements will appear in a timely manner, where they will always answer your questions, where various thematic competitions will be held and something else interesting will happen periodically.

       By the way, about the contests - now there’s one there that can be won in the Garmin-Asus M10 mentioned above or some kind of wireless router from ASUS. All that is required is to tell a story (preferably with photographs) about your little “geographical discovery”, some unexpected and interesting place that you managed to visit (or just see) and which no one knows (even Google ) It can be anything - a gas station, which for some reason is allowed to smoke; the same secret photographers burning factory, a house with some kind of ridiculous shape when viewed from a satellite, or even a peeing boy turned against the wind - anything we can easily pass by every day without even realizing what’s behind it such a corner ... The main thing is to make it interesting, humor and creativity are welcome!

       And also, a small request. If you already have a more advanced communicator, you don’t like contests or just innately hate LiveJournal, then the request is furiously not minus, but just pass by - give other people the opportunity to be in the topic, participate in the competition or even win valuable prizes. In general, I look forward to your understanding. All details about the contest can be found on the community page . Join in, discuss, participate. I wish you success!


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