Flash Drive Speed ​​(USB flash drive)

    Probably each of us has a flash drive, but someone has more than one. But which of us before the purchase did not ask the question: " And which flash drive is better? ". In this case, the main characteristics, we believe, are the speed of reading and writing. Agree, to buy a large-capacity flash drive, albeit with a cool design, but with the speed of a floppy disk, nobody wants to. Our project is designed to compare the real performance of flash drives, as well as share with friends the characteristics of a freshly purchased device.



    We wrote a flash drive performance test. At the moment, the test is sequentially writing and reading data blocks to a file on a flash drive. Blocks have different sizes (from 1kb to 16mb), which gives an idea of ​​the performance of the drive on different file sizes and under different conditions of use. Details of the technical part can be viewed and discussed in the previous topic .


    A web service has also been created that allows storing the results of performance tests , which actually solves the task of identifying the fastest flash drives (the site has ratings of the fastest-writing and fast-reading devices).
    The site stores reports on each of the tests performed, so you can share the result of specific testing of your flash drive with friends (at the end of testing, the benchmark gives a direct link to the test report).

    We and HABR

    We really hope for the residents of the Habr, let everyone test their flash drive and flash drive of a neighbor , then we can find out the speed of almost any flash drive sold in the CIS.

    A few days ago, we already published a closed topic , and selected subscribers to the Iron blog were the first to see this project. As a result of this, many errors were fixed, some functions were added:
    1. Added search by model.
    2. Only the fastest drive in the series is involved in the top.
    3. The benchmark speed was increased by 25% due to various optimizations.
    4. Fixed several program interface errors.

    At the moment, the database contains test results of about 50 drives.


    1. Not all flash drives correctly write information about themselves, in such cases you need to enter the model manually, please do not be too lazy to write these few words, only then the database will be complete and useful
    2. The application is not always friendly with antivirus programs, this is due to the fact that many of them proxy disk access.

    System requirements

    • 100MB of free space on the test disk.
    • Windows OS with .NET Framework 2.0 or later installed

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