The new long-awaited .mobi domain is finally available online: Indesit Company launched WWW.INDESITCOMPANY.MOBI, which is a version of the corporate page for mobile communicators - smartphones, PDAs and BlackBerry.

    The WWW.INDESITCOMPANY.MOBI version of the company’s corporate website optimized for viewing on mobile communication devices is available to inform users about the latest Indesit Company news, wherever they are. First of all, the site is focused on the business and media community. The page is available in English and Italian, and is divided into four sections: general information about the company (history, brands, products, financial information), press releases, information about the Indesit Company on the stock market (real-time stock price changes) ) and corporate events (information on meetings of the board of directors and shareholders).

    .Mobi domain sites are specifically designed for access from smartphones and PDAs. The content on these pages is specially adapted for quick and convenient access to the information necessary for daily work. WWW.INDESITCOMPANY.MOBI is a response to the growing needs of users in accessing website content from mobile devices. The site’s interface is designed to work most efficiently on a small screen.

    The .mobi version is a significant step forward in communication and the development of interactivity. A wide range of tools and functions is available on the site, for example, an email alert service and a real-time chart of a company's stock price.

    The new Indesit Company website, which meets the latest requirements for news and information resources, is another confirmation of the company's leadership in creating innovative solutions. WWW.INDESITCOMPANY.MOBI is the Indesit Company communication style, that is, speed, clarity and transparency of information. The site was created for dynamic people who are constantly on the move and need access to information in real time, wherever they are.

    The site is available at the following addresses: - full address - abbreviated address, to facilitate dialing from a mobile phone

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