Tag cloud should be beneficial!

    The fact that now the tag cloud serves, in essence, as a decoration can be made a real rating tool. Now its appearance practically does not change since the rating by tags has settled down and will only move in a proportional value. The words Apple, Google, Microsoft, Habrahabr, advertising, Web2.0 will always be in the first place, since they have collected a rating of the entire existence of Habr. Why is HabraHabr an unnecessary decoration and a cloud of words taking up extra space?

    I suggest giving the user the opportunity to receive information from the tag cloud, because this assembly is the most comprehensive rating of topics raised by the community.
    I propose to sort the tags: “today”, “per week”, “per month”, “per year”, “without sorting”. I think that such navigation will provide an opportunity to understand the most popular topics of the near past or present time!
    like so (do not hit the designers):

    Also popular now: