Novelties from Megaphone

    Found that on Habr yet did not write about some good news from "Megaphone":
    • Unlimited Internet : the Light option is 156 Kbps (up to 3 GB) for 890 rubles. per month, the Mega option is 3 Mbps (up to 5 GB) for 1390 rubles. per month. Traditionally, tariffs are not "really unlimited": when thresholds are exceeded, speed decreases. “Mega” generally represents “Light” + a package of 5 GB of faster traffic for an additional 500 rubles. Nevertheless, in my memory, these are the most reasonable tariffs for mobile unlimited from the Big Three at the moment.
    • A call at the expense of a friend : by dialing 000 <subscriber’s number>, you can call without having money in your account. The receiving party will pay 3 rubles. per minute of conversation.
    • Antifraud is a federal project to combat mobile fraud: descriptions of fraud methods, how to prevent them, what to do to victims, etc. It was high time to launch such a service. Well done, what did they launch.
    • The Messenger and Megaphone are now friends again . Now you can not look for "Euroset" to replenish the account without a commission.

    UPD : Well, yes, I almost forgot: MegaFon bought Synterra . It can be expected that mobile Internet will become faster and more affordable.

    I suggest in the comments to share the experience of using similar services of mobile operators.

    First of all, I'm really interested in unlimited mobile Internet. Now I’m using the “Optimal Internet” option (1.5 rubles per MB for 150 rubles per month). Now I’m thinking about completely abandoning LAN (a few megabits for 500 rubles per month) and completely switch to “Unlimited Internet”. But it’s not yet clear, for example, whether it’s possible to watch mobile YouTube at 156 kbps (“Light”), and the Mega package is expensive.

    I also tried to connect Yota in Moscow, but after a couple of months I had to abandon it due to a sharp decrease in communication quality and speed.

    PS: This is not an advertisement. I am a regular Megafon-Moscow subscriber; I have nothing to do with telecom.

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