Rambler turned on the filter of "adult" sites

    June 1, 2010 - on the day of the protection of children - Rambler launched a filter of sites with erotic content.

    Search filter

    "Adult" content is now excluded from the search results of "Rambler" by default, if the user intentionally does not search for it. At the same time, we leave users the opportunity to find erotic content if they are interested in it. Filtering occurs in cases where the issuance of "adult" sites is inappropriate.

    In the future, we plan to launch the “Family Search”, which will protect children from unwanted appearance in the issuance of not only “adult” content, but also some other topics (gambling, drugs, etc.).

    Family Search is under development, but you can try the product today on the Advanced Search page :

    When “Family Search” is enabled, “Rambler” not only filters porn, but generally does not search sites with erotic content, even if the request contains the intention to find such sites.

    How do we do this?

    We identify features specific to sites containing adult content. Moreover, these signs depend on the type of "adult content". For example, for erotic sites, signs will differ from those where hardcore porn is. As signs, specific lexical content in various parts of the document, link texts, the presence of pictures, etc. are taken into account. Weights are featured in the classifier "distributed" automatically using machine learning methods.

    Various steps are possible depending on the selected degree of filtration and on the final assessment of the degree of “maturity” of the resource. Some resources are generally excluded from the search results, some are reduced in position. At the same time, however, such resources are not excluded from the search index (unless they contain signs of spam).

    Roughly the same thing happens with requests: whether the intention to get “adult” content is expressed in the request is automatically determined by different attributes of the request: lexical, behavioral (for example, analysis of user clicks based on search results).

    We have just begun work on filtering inappropriate content and admit that the algorithms may be wrong. We will be grateful if you inform us of possible errors and inaccuracies. We will take into account all comments in order to improve the operation of filters.

    Marina Anisimova
    Press Secretary, Rambler

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