Why do we love original consumables. Forgot? HP will clarify

    I was very pleased with the HP article that explains why printer inks are so expensive from the alizar caravan .


    The people were indignant, talked and life went on in its own civilized way. And then one spring morning I stumble upon statistics in which HP kindly explains how users turn out to love original supplies, not only for inkjet, but now also for laser printers.
    Moreover, slightly touching the numbers “73% of those who reply always purchase only original consumables; 23% do it occasionally, occasionally and only 4% of respondents use refilled or remanufactured cartridges. ” HP press service brings down all conceivable ways of suppressing us ...

    To begin with, the atmosphere of terrible crimes is pumped up by gloomy pictures of farmers. Dear me so companies can easily kick knocks 6,000,000 found in Yandex pages ( search results ) in the underground business, although advertising Original HP ink cartridges at the same time searching for the same output.

    Then, users crushed by the fact that they all belong to a pathetic 4% learn that:
    • Of the 168 refurbished black toner cartridges that participated in the test, 51 copies had one or another drawback, for example, malfunctions immediately noticeable when removed from the packaging, premature failure to work, or mass poor quality printing ( http://h41112.www4.hp.com /promo/toner-test/ru/ru/index.html ). But didn’t you try immediately to remove the cartridge from the packaging to determine mass poor quality printing?
    • Given reliability and quality, original HP black toner cartridges can be less expensive than average remanufactured black toner cartridges — up to 55 percent savings for customers with approximately the same print volumes for external distribution, internal distribution, and private use (same source). The obvious calculation, everyone agrees?
    • According to the results of the study, more than 30 percent of the pages printed using remanufactured black toner cartridges were of poor quality or were completely unusable (the same source). There is also nothing to comment on.
    • The study for the Russian market is based on the following data: HP cost data is based on averages from QualityLogic’s 2008 Monochrome Monochrome Toner Reliability Study. The calculation includes the cost of replacing cartridges, reprints and estimated labor costs. It is estimated that print volumes for external distribution, internal distribution, and private use are approximately the same. Labor costs are calculated taking into account the salaries of the secretary and the technical specialist (qualified) in Western Europe based on the Mercer 2007/2008 Global Pay Summary report. The estimated purchase price for an HP cartridge is € 131 and the purchase price is 42% lower for a remanufactured cartridge. Actual prices, costs and savings may vary.And still different! In 2010, we are offered to calculate costs based on pre-crisis European rates!

    Statistics cause more emotions, not even questions, because asking questions seems to be useless, and everyone knows the answers to them.

    As always, marketing ignores all possible reasonable objections, building a one-sided value system. Perhaps this justifies the money invested, although I want to believe that the market will make its own adjustments and the shift in emphasis will force major players to reconsider their positions, one can only wonder if the experience of opposing Google and Microsoft models did not teach anything?

    Of the still outright blunders, three-item enumerations were surprising, two of which are identical. Also, the press service, sensing a clear unjustified calculation of the percentage of users using refilled cartridges, transmitted this information to various media outlets, without risking posting such calculations on the official website.

    I do not urge anyone to ignore the preferred use of original consumables, but I’m sure that in the future those vendors who will take care of users a little more than themselves will win.

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