“There are questions I haven’t answered yet” (Beeline poll)

    I just go to My Account to turn off one of the Beeline services and get: This is such a smart Captcha to check if I remember correctly when I started using the services? Or is Beeline hinting to me that they lost information about when my account was created? Or, the polling department does not have access to the internal customer database, and it is only allowed to display unsolicited polls in full screen, forcing the user to forget why he came here at all. Or is it normal and should not be surprised by such incidents? Rhetorical questions, just thinking out loud.

    PS: By the way, I went there to change the promo tariff to the usual one (otherwise my subscriber will double automatically), and also to try to somehow return them the IPTV set-top box, which I was kindly (really) offered to test for two months completely free ( everything is fine, it works great, but I don’t need it personally), and now when I provide it, I need to take it to their service center myself (the installer brought me to me when I connected).

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