Orange Tsunami Homescreen

    For those who are eagerly awaiting the appearance of a modified firmware from N97 for 5800 and are always following the progress of work , there is a small surprise.

    Mobile operator Orange once again pleased the owners of the 5800 XM handset, as well as other devices on the S60V5, creating a new, quite functional, HS.
    At the moment, Russian is not supported, so all HS will be in English. Next, a couple of screenshots.
    The desktop theme will work for those who already have the previous desktop installed - Orange Tornado. The rest need to put it too. Files must be signed before installation.
    Here for those who already have a tornado.
    And here for those who do not.
    The news is taken, as always, with DailyMobile .
    We try, unsubscribe, who succeeds, who does not. Those who are registered on dailymobile can follow how local craftsmen are already trying to pick it up and make it even better :)
    Yes, the font you have will remain the same as it was, it's just that a person with dailymobile has such a font.

    And a video for the lazy who do not follow the progress of the transfer of HS from Nokia N97 to Nokia 5800.

    UPD: Blinded for myself in one sis file with modified icons and a file with the desktop, otherwise I could not put it. If anyone needs it, I can give a link.

    UPD2: There is a version with a music player and replacing orange maps with ovi maps.
    Unfortunately, because of the widget, the phone starts to slow down a lot, so there is little sense from it. According to the user who presented this version on dailymobile, yener90 , the reason is not the widget itself, but the player in firmware 50.
    However, everything works fine on the right screenshot, as there is not a separate widget, but separate control buttons created in the form of shortcuts.

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